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Descendants of Eudes of Burgundy, 1058 - 23 MAR 1102; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Eudes of BurgundySybilla of Burgundy1058France, Burgundy, Dijon
1 Florine of BurgundySweyn "The Crusader" of Denmark1083France, Burgundy
 Eudes of BurgundyMatilda de Bourgogne1058France, Burgundy, Dijon
1 Alice Countess of BurgundyBertrand of Toulouse1080France, Burgundy, Dijon
A Pons of TripoliCecile of Franceabt 1105France, Champagne
1 Alice Countess of BurgundyWilliam III Duke of Alencon1080France, Burgundy, Dijon
A Guy II Count of PonthieuIda Countess de St Pol1118France, Picardie, Ponthieu
B Clemence of AlenconJuhel II de Mayenneabt 1119France, Normandy, Alencon
C Adelia de TalvasWilliam III de Warenneabt 1120France, Normandy, Alencon
C Adelia de TalvasPatrick de Salisburyabt 1120France, Normandy, Alencon
D John I, Count of AlençonBeatrice de Maineabt 1121France, Normandy, Alencon
2 Hugh II Duke of BurgundyMathilde de Mayenneabt 1085France, Burgundy, Dijon
A Angeline de BurgundyHugues I de Lorraineabt 1116France, Burgundy, Dijon
B Eudes II of BurgundyMarie of Champagneabt 1118France, Burgundy, Dijon
C Sibyl of Burgundyabt 1120France, Burgundy
D Raymond de BurgundyAgnes de Thiersabt 1125France, Burgundy, Grignon
E Matilda of BurgundyWilliam VII de Montpelierabt 1130France, Burgundy, Dijon