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Descendants of Benjamin Brewster, 30 JUN 1828 - 23 AUG 1897; Outline Format

 Benjamin BrewsterElmina Hersey Dows30 JUN 182823 AUG 1897CT, New London Co, NorwichNY, Madison Co, Cazenovia
1 James Dows Brewster24 MAR 186429 AUG 1864NY, Madison Co, CazenoviaNY, Madison Co, Cazenovia
2 Catherine Elmina Brewster16 AUG 18656 JUN 1866NY, Madison Co, CazenoviaNY, Madison Co, Cazenovia
3 William Brewster25 JAN 186727 OCT 1867NY, Madison Co, CazenoviaNY, Madison Co, Cazenovia
4 George Stephenson BrewsterEleanor Grant Bosher15 SEP 186811 MAR 1936NY, Madison Co, CazenoviaGA, Glynn Co, Brunswick
A Frances Stuart BrewsterRudolph Stewart Rauch2 SEP 19131 NOV 2001NY, New York Co, ManhattanPA, Montgomery Co, Bryn Mawr
5 Mary Dows BrewsterOliver Gould Jennings2 JAN 18717 MAY 1964NY, Westchester Co, IrvingtonNY, New York Co, Manhattan
A Benjamin Brewster Jennings9 JUN 18982 OCT 1968NY, New York Co, New York CityNY, New York Co, New York City
6 Frederick Foster BrewsterMargaret Fitch13 AUG 187216 SEP 1958NY, Westchester Co, IrvingtonCT, New Haven Co, New Haven
A John Brewster13 MAY 190916 JAN 1984CT, New Haven Co, New HavenFL, Dade Co, Key Biscayne
B Elmina Brewster8 DEC 19117 APR 2005CT, New Haven Co, HamdenME, York Co, Kennebunk
C Frederick Brewster11 SEP 19134 DEC 2004CT, New Haven Co, HamdenFL, Monroe Co, Key Largo
D William Brewster12 MAY 19151 AUG 1966CT, New Haven Co, HamdenCT, New London Co, Stonington
7 Robert Stanton Brewster27 SEP 187524 DEC 1939NY, New York Co, New York CityNY, New York Co, Manhattan