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Descendants of Samuel Putnam, 30 MAY 1707 - 15 DEC 1781; Outline Format

 Samuel PutnamElizabeth Putnam30 MAY 170715 DEC 1781MA, Essex Co, SalemMA, Essex Co, Salem
1 Martha PutnamJohn Endicott9 SEP 17423 SEP 1821MA, Essex Co, SalemMA, Essex Co, Salem
A Samuel EndicottElizabeth Putnam20 JUN 17631 MAY 1828MA, Essex Co, DanversMA, Essex Co
2 Eleazer PutnamSarah Fuller4 MAY 175930 MAY 1836MA, Essex Co, DanversMA, Essex Co, Danvers
A Israel Warburton Putnam24 NOV 17863 MAY 1868MA, Essex Co, DanversMA, Plymouth Co, Middleboro