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Descendants of King Harold II of Wessex, abt 1022 - 14 OCT 1066; Outline Format

 King Harold II of WessexEaldgith Swansneckabt 102214 OCT 1066England, Sussex, HastingsEngland, Sussex, Battle of Hastings
1 Gytha of WessexVladimir II "Monomach" Kievabt 10531 MAY 1107England, Middlesex, London 
A Mstislav I Van KievChristina of Sweden107615 MAY 1132Belarus, TurovUkraine, Kiev
A Mstislav I Van KievLyubava Dmitrievna Savidich107615 MAY 1132Belarus, TurovUkraine, Kiev
B Yaropolk II of Kiev108218 FEB 1139Ukraine, Chernihiv, ChermigovUkraine, Kiev, Kiev
C Euphemia of KievKoloman King of Hungaryabt 1090Ukraine, Kiev 
D Yurij I "Dolgorukij" of KievAepovna Princess of Kumansabt 109115 MAY 1157Russia, Central District, Vladimir, Suzdal 
E Yuri I Dolgorukiy VladimirovichHelena of Constantinopleabt 10991157RussiaRussia