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Descendants of Dr. Walter Cary, 31 DEC 1818 - 1 NOV 1881; Outline Format

 Dr. Walter CaryJulia Love31 DEC 1818NY, Genesee Co, Batavia
1 Jennie CaryLaurence Dana Rumsey23 DEC 1854NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
A Charles Cary RumseyMary Harriman20 AUG 1879NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
B Grace RumseyCharles Waterhouse Goodyear29 DEC 1883NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
2 George CaryAllithea Birge25 MAR 1859NY, Erie Co, Buffalo
A Lt. Comm. Charles CaryRhoda Gordon Coogan24 OCT 1916NY, Erie Co, Buffalo