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Descendants of Dr. Henry Lee Heiskell, 16 MAR 1803 - 12 AUG 1855; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Dr. Henry Lee HeiskellElizabeth Kortright Gouverneur16 MAR 1803VA, Winchester
1 James Monroe HeiskellMary Deringer5 JUN 1844DC, Washington
A Marian Gouverneur HeiskellRichard Emory27 JUN 1886MD
A Marian Gouverneur HeiskellE. Griswold Thelin27 JUN 1886MD
1 James Monroe HeiskellEsther Fairfax Minor5 JUN 1844DC, Washington
A Teakle Wallace Heiskell29 JAN 1868VA, Loudoun Co, Leesburg
B Minor Fairfax HeiskellMary Fairfax Davis15 DEC 1869MD, Baltimore City
C James Monroe Heiskell20 MAY 1872MD, Baltimore City
2 Gouverneur Heiskell29 DEC 1847DC, Washington
3 Henry Lee Heiskell, Jr.Emma Leonora Heiskell17 OCT 1850DC, Washington
A Esther Hill HeiskellEdwin Sefton16 SEP 1879MD, Prince Georges Co, Oxon Hill
B Elizabeth Kortright Gouverneur HeiskellHarry Freeman Clark27 APR 1884MD
3 Henry Lee Heiskell, Jr.Henrietta Brent17 OCT 1850DC, Washington
A John Carroll Brent Heiskell1 AUG 1893DC, Washington
B John Carroll Brent Heiskell13 JUL 1896DC, Washington
4 Sydney Otho HeiskellAbbie Townsend12 JAN 1853DC, Washington
4 Sydney Otho HeiskellDoralyn Miller12 JAN 1853DC, Washington