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Descendants of Cleveland Abbe, Sr., 3 DEC 1838 - 28 OCT 1916; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Cleveland Abbe, Sr.Francis Martha Neal3 DEC 1838NY, New York Co, New York City
1 Cleveland Abbe, Jr.Frieda Dauer25 MAR 1872DC, Washington
A Ernst Cleveland Abbe21 AUG 1905DC, Washington
B Elfrieda Martha Abbe6 FEB 1919DC, Washington
2 Truman AbbeEthel Whipple Brown1 NOV 1873DC, Washington
A Truman Waldo Abbe10 JUN 1906DC, Washington
B Petrena Abbe12 FEB 1909DC, Washington
C Gilbert Abbe29 MAR 1910DC, Washington
D Margaret Abbe20 DEC 1913DC, Washington
E William Whipple Abbe29 SEP 1923DC, Washington
3 William AbbeLouisa Hart Howson27 JUN 1877DC, Washington
A Frances Abbe20 FEB 1905NY, Monroe Co, Rochester
B Charles Howson Abbe27 JAN 1907NJ, Union Co, Plainfield
C William Cleveland Abbe20 OCT 1908NJ, Union Co, Plainfield
D David Abbe3 JUN 1911NJ, Union Co, Plainfield
E Medora Abbe19 OCT 1914NJ, Union Co, Plainfield
F Louisa Constance Abbe20 MAR 1916NJ, Union Co, Plainfield
 Cleveland Abbe, Sr.Margaret Augusta Percival3 DEC 1838NY, New York Co, New York City