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Descendants of Charlemagne King of Franks, 2 APR 0748 - 28 JAN 0814; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Charlemagne King of FranksRegina2 APR 0748Germany, Nordrhein, Aachen
1 Hugo of St Quintin0802/0806Germany, Nordrhein, Aachen
A Petronilla of AuxerreTertulle Count of Anjou0825Germany, Rheinland
 Charlemagne King of FranksHildegarde of Lizgau2 APR 0748Germany, Nordrhein, Aachen
1 Charles The Younger Duke of Ingelheim0772 
2 Pepin King of ItalyBertha of Toulouse12 APR 0773Germany, Rheinland, Aachen
A Theodrate de FranceLambert II de Nantesabt 0794France, Picardie, Aisne, Vermandois
B Adelaide of ItalyGui (Guido) III of Spoletoabt 0798Germany, Nordrhein, Aix-la-Chapelle
2 Pepin King of ItalyIngeltrude d' Autun12 APR 0773Germany, Rheinland, Aachen
A Bernard King of ItalyCunigunde of Parma0797France, Picardie, Aisne, Vermandois
3 Rotrude CarolingienRoricon du Maine0775Germany, Rheinland, Aachen
A Roricon II du MaineBilichildeabt 0808France, Loire, Maine
4 Louis I "the Pious" of AquitaineErmengarde D' Hesbaye8/0778France, Limousin, Chassenueil
A Lothair I of GermanyErmengarde de Tours0795Germany, Bayern, Altdorf
B Hildegarde CarolingienGerard I Count of Auvergneabt 0801France
C Louis II King of GermanyEmma Von Altdorfabt 0805France, Alsace
4 Louis I "the Pious" of AquitaineJudith of Bavaria8/0778France, Limousin, Chassenueil
A Gisela de BaviereEberhard Marquis de Friuli0818/0822Germany, Bayern
B Charles II The Bald of France, Holy Roman EmperorErmentrude D' Orleans0823Germany, Hessen, Frankfurt
B Charles II The Bald of France, Holy Roman EmperorRicheut Countess of Metz0823Germany, Hessen, Frankfurt
C Alpaide Princess of FranceBego II Count of Parisabt 0825France
5 Berthe CarolingienAngilbert de Ponthieuabt 0779Germany, Rheinland, Aachen
A Nithard "The Chronicler" of Ponthieuabt 0795France, Picardie, Ponthieu
 Charlemagne King of FranksHimiltrud2 APR 0748Germany, Nordrhein, Aachen
1 Aupais (Alpis) de ParisBegue Count of Paris0765Germany, Rheinland, Aachen
A Engeltron de ParisHunroch Margrave de FriuliBEF 0782France, Ile-de-France, Paris
B Leutaud Count of ParisGrimildis d' Aquitaineabt 0785France, Ile-de-France, Paris
C Suzanna de ParisUlrich II in the Argengauabt 0789France, Ile-de-France, Paris
D Eberhard Wulfhard, Count de ParisAFT 0804France, Ile-de-France, Paris
E Landre de ParisDonat I de Melunabt 0815France, Ile-de-France, Paris
 Charlemagne King of FranksFastrade de Franconia2 APR 0748Germany, Nordrhein, Aachen
1 Adeltrude CarolingenGoslin du Maine0790France, Pas-de-Calais
A Donat I de MelunLandre de Paris0810France, Ile-de-France, Melun