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Descendants of Benjamin Woolsey, 12 FEB 1719/0 - SEP 1771; Outline Format

The first couple has multiple spouses. Show the descendants.

 Benjamin WoolseyEsther Isaacs12 FEB 1719/0NY
1 Mary WoolseyTimothy Dwight11 APR 1754NY, Nassau Co, Dosoris
A Benjamin Woolsey DwightSophia Woodbridge Strong10 FEB 1780MA, Hampshire Co, Northampton
B James DwightSusan Breed1 SEP 1784CT, Fairfield Co, Greenfield
C Serano Edwards DwightSusan Edwards Daggett18 MAY 1786CT, Fairfield Co, Greenfield
D William Theodore DwightElizabeth Lockerman Bradford15 JUN 1795CT, Fairfield Co, Greenfield Hill
E Henry Edwin Dwight19 APR 1797CT, New Haven Co
 Benjamin WoolseyAnn Muirson12 FEB 1719/0NY
1 William Walton WoolseyElizabeth Dwight15 SEP 1766NY
A Mary Ann WoolseyGeorge Hoadley3 MAY 1793NY, New York Co, New York City
B John Mumford WoolseyJane Andrews10 JAN 1796NY
C Theodore Dwight Woolsey31 OCT 1801NY, New York Co, New York City