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Descendants of Christian Augustus of The Palatinate, 26 JUL 1622 - 23 APR 1708; Outline Format

 Christian Augustus of The PalatinateAmalie of Nassau-Siegen26 JUL 1622Germany, Bayern, Sulzbach
1 Hedwig of The PalatinateJulius Francis Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg15 APR 1650Germany, Bayern, Sulzbach
A Sibylle Auguste Saxe-LauenburgLouis Margrave of Baden-baden1675Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Lauenburg
2 Theodore Eustace of SulzbachMaria Eleanore of Hesse-Rotenburg14 FEB 1659Germany, Bayern, Sulzbach
A Joseph Charles of SulzbachElisabeth Auguste Sofie of Neuburg2 NOV 1694Germany, Bayern, Sulzbach
B John Christian of SulzbachMaria Henriette de La Tour D' Auvergne23 JAN 1700Germany, Bayern, Sulzbach
C Anne Christine Louise of BavariaCharles Emmanuel III of Sardinia5 FEB 1703Germany, Bayern, Sulzbach