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List of executives and legislators of the country at the same time, in the year
Thomas Terry Tom ConnallyThomas Terry "Tom" Connally1929-1953US SenatorTX
Lyndon Baines JohnsonLyndon Baines Johnson1949-1961US SenatorTX
Lloyd Millard BentsenLloyd Millard Bentsen1948-1955US RepresentativeTX
Lyndon Baines JohnsonLyndon Baines Johnson1937-1949US RepresentativeTX
Samuel Taliaferro RayburnSamuel Taliaferro Rayburn1913-1961US RepresentativeTX
Harry S. TrumanHarry S. Truman1945-1953PresidentUSA
Alben William BarkleyAlben William Barkley1949-1953Vice PresidentUSA
James William FulbrightJames William Fulbright1945-1974US SenatorAR
Richard Milhous NixonRichard Milhous Nixon1947-1950US RepresentativeCA
John Davis LodgeJohn Davis Lodge1947-1951US RepresentativeCT
Clayton Douglass BuckClayton Douglass Buck1943-1949US SenatorDE
Joseph Allen FrearJoseph Allen Frear1949-1961US SenatorDE
Richard Brevard Russell1933-1971US SenatorGA
Alben William BarkleyAlben William Barkley1927-1949US SenatorKY
John Sherman CooperJohn Sherman Cooper1946-1949US SenatorKY
Thomas Hale BoggsThomas Hale Boggs1947-1972US RepresentativeLA
Henry Cabot LodgeHenry Cabot Lodge1947-1953US SenatorMA
Leverett A. SaltonstallLeverett A. Saltonstall1945-1967US SenatorMA
Christian Archibald HerterChristian Archibald Herter1943-1953US RepresentativeMA
John Fitzgerald Jack KennedyJohn Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy1947-1953US RepresentativeMA
George L. RadcliffeGeorge L. Radcliffe1935-1974US SenatorMD
James Glenn BeallJames Glenn Beall1943-1953US RepresentativeMD
Lansdale Ghiselin SasscerLansdale Ghiselin Sasscer1939-1953US RepresentativeMD
Margaret Madeline ChaseMargaret Madeline Chase1949-1973US SenatorME
Margaret Madeline ChaseMargaret Madeline Chase1940-1949US RepresentativeME
Howard Aldridge Coffin1947-1949US RepresentativeMI
Gerald Rudolph FordGerald Rudolph Ford1949-1973US RepresentativeMI
Hubert Horatio HumphreyHubert Horatio Humphrey1949-1964US SenatorMN
William Madison Whittington1925-1951US RepresentativeMS
Joseph Melville BroughtonJoseph Melville Broughton1948-1949US SenatorNC
Graham Arthur BardenGraham Arthur Barden1935-1961US RepresentativeNC
Herbert Covington BonnerHerbert Covington Bonner1940-1965US RepresentativeNC
John Hamlin FolgerJohn Hamlin Folger1941-1949US RepresentativeNC
John Hosea KerrJohn Hosea Kerr1923-1953US RepresentativeNC
Usher Lloyd BurdickUsher Lloyd Burdick1949-1959US RepresentativeND
Howard Homan Buffett1943-1949US RepresentativeNE
James Coats AuchinclossJames Coats Auchincloss1943-1965US RepresentativeNJ
Robert Winthrop Kean1939-1959US RepresentativeNJ
John Foster DullesJohn Foster Dulles1949-1949US SenatorNY
Irving McNeil IvesIrving McNeil Ives1947-1959US SenatorNY
Katherine Delano Price Collier1947-1965US RepresentativeNY
Kenneth Barnard KeatingKenneth Barnard Keating1947-1959US RepresentativeNY
Jay LeFevreJay LeFevre1943-1951US RepresentativeNY
Franklin Delano RooseveltFranklin Delano Roosevelt1949-1955US RepresentativeNY
James Wolcott WadsworthJames Wolcott Wadsworth1933-1951US RepresentativeNY
Robert Alphonso TaftRobert Alphonso Taft1939-1953US SenatorOH
Frances Payne BinghamFrances Payne Bingham1940-1969US RepresentativeOH
Albert Arnold GoreAlbert Arnold Gore1939-1953US RepresentativeTN
Elbert Duncan ThomasElbert Duncan Thomas1933-1951US SenatorUT
Arthur Vivian WatkinsArthur Vivian Watkins1947-1959US SenatorUT
Harry Flood ByrdHarry Flood Byrd1933-1965US SenatorVA

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