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List of rulers in other provinces and countries at the same time, in the year
William I The Good Count of HainaultWilliam I "The Good" Count of Hainault1304-1337CountNetherlands, Holland
William II of HainaultWilliam II of Hainault1337-1345CountNetherlands, Holland
Albert II, Duke of AustriaAlbert II, Duke of Austria1330-1358DukeAustria, Austria
Jean III Duke of Brabant1312-1355DukeBelgium, Brabant
Louis I of FlandersLouis I of Flanders1322-1346CountBelgium, Flanders
Philip VI King of FrancePhilip VI King of France1328-1350MonarchFrance
Charles II of Alençon1325-1346CountFrance, Alençon
Guy I of Blois-châtillon1307-1342CountFrance, Blois
Louis I Duke of Bourbon1327-1342DukeFrance, Bourbon
Jean III, Duke of Brittany1312-1341DukeFrance, Brittany
Eudes IV, Duke of Burgundy1315-1350DukeFrance, Burgundy
John IV of Brittany1322-1345CountFrance, Montfort
Louis I of FlandersLouis I of Flanders1322-1346CountFrance, Nevers
Robert I of Naples1309-1343CountFrance, Provence
Aimone Count of SavoyAimone Count of Savoy1329-1343CountFrance, Savoy
Ludwig IV of BavariaLudwig IV of Bavaria1314-1347MonarchGermany
Ludwig IV of BavariaLudwig IV of Bavaria1328-1347MonarchGermany, Holy Roman Empire
Adolph IX Count of Berg1308/1348CountGermany, Berg
Charles I of HungaryCharles I of Hungary1301-1342MonarchHungary
Ludwig IV of BavariaLudwig IV of Bavaria1327-1347MonarchItaly
Robert I of Naples1309-1343MonarchItaly, Naples
Frederick II King of Sicily1296-1337MonarchItaly, Sicily
Peter II of Sicily1337-1342MonarchItaly, Sicily
John Henry Count of GoriziaJohn Henry Count of Gorizia1323-1338CountItaly, Gorizia
Casimir III of Poland1333-1370MonarchPoland
Barnum IV Duke of Pomerania1326-1365DukePoland, Pomerania
Bogislaw V Duke of Pomerania1326-1368DukePoland, Pomerania
Alfonso IV King of PortugalAlfonso IV King of Portugal1325-1357MonarchPortugal
Peter IV of Aragon1336-1387MonarchSpain, Aragon
Alfonso XI 'The Just' King of CastileAlfonso XI 'The Just' King of Castile1312-1350MonarchSpain, Castille
Alfonso XI 'The Just' King of CastileAlfonso XI 'The Just' King of Castile1312-1350MonarchSpain, Leon
Joan II Of NavarreJoan II Of Navarre1328-1349MonarchSpain, Navarre
Philip III Of NavarrePhilip III Of Navarre1328-1343MonarchSpain, Navarre
Peter IV of Aragon1336-1387CountSpain, Barcelona