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List of executives and legislators in the state at the same time, in the year
John Alden DixJohn Alden Dix1911-1912GovernorNY
Franklin Delano RooseveltFranklin Delano Roosevelt1911-1913State SenatorNY
Henry Manning SageHenry Manning Sage1911-1920State SenatorNY
Jonathan Mayhew WainwrightJonathan Mayhew Wainwright1909-1912State SenatorNY
Lewis Stuyvesant ChanlerLewis Stuyvesant Chanler1910-1912State RepresentativeNY
Charles Anderson Dana1910-1912State RepresentativeNY
Walter Richmond Herrick1911State RepresentativeNY
Alfred Emanuel SmithAlfred Emanuel Smith1904-1915State RepresentativeNY
John Dunning StiversJohn Dunning Stivers1910-1912State RepresentativeNY
Samuel Clement Waring1911-1912State RepresentativeNY

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Historical Records

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