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List of executives and legislators in the state at the same time, in the year
Washington HuntWashington Hunt1851-1852GovernorNY
James William Beekman1850-1853State SenatorNY
George Geddes1848-1851State SenatorNY
Benjamin Nicoll Huntington1851-1853State SenatorNY
Edwin Denison MorganEdwin Denison Morgan1850-1853State SenatorNY
Marius SchoonmakerMarius Schoonmaker1850-1851State SenatorNY
Henry Brewster StantonHenry Brewster Stanton1850-1851State SenatorNY
George Ellis Baker1851State RepresentativeNY
Jacob Solomon Freer1851State RepresentativeNY
Robert Hewson Pruyn1848-1854State RepresentativeNY
Henry Jarvis RaymondHenry Jarvis Raymond1850-1851State RepresentativeNY
Joseph Bradley Varnum1849-1851State RepresentativeNY
William Almon WheelerWilliam Almon Wheeler1850-1851State RepresentativeNY

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