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List of executives and legislators in the state at the same time, in the year
Enos Thompson ThroopEnos Thompson Throop1829-1833GovernorNY
Martin Van BurenMartin Van Buren1829-1829GovernorNY
Enos Thompson ThroopEnos Thompson Throop1829Lieutenant GovernorNY
Philo Case Fuller1829-1832State SenatorNY
Peter Robert Livingston1826-1829State SenatorNY
George Bliss Throop1828-1831State SenatorNY
Thomas Glasby Waterman1827-1830State SenatorNY
Daniel Warner Bostwick1829State RepresentativeNY
Luther BradishLuther Bradish1827-1830State RepresentativeNY
Millard FillmoreMillard Fillmore1829-1831State RepresentativeNY
Charles Ludlow Livingston1829-1833State RepresentativeNY

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Historical Records

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