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List of executives and legislators in the state at the same time, in the year
William Woods HoldenWilliam Woods Holden1865-1865GovernorNC
Zebulon Baird VanceZebulon Baird Vance1862-1865GovernorNC
Jonathan Worth1865-1868GovernorNC
Lemuel Creecy Benbury1862-1865State RepresentativeNC
Peyton Tunstall HenryPeyton Tunstall Henry1858-1866State RepresentativeNC
Thomas Stephen KenanThomas Stephen Kenan1865-1867State RepresentativeNC
James Edwin MooreJames Edwin Moore1865-1866State RepresentativeNC
Leonidas Lafayette PolkLeonidas Lafayette Polk1865-1866State RepresentativeNC
Daniel RussellDaniel Russell1864-1866State RepresentativeNC

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