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List of executives and legislators of the country at the same time, in the year
Edward Moore KennedyEdward Moore Kennedy1962-2009US SenatorMA
John Forbes KerryJohn Forbes Kerry1985-2013US SenatorMA
Ronald Wilson ReaganRonald Wilson Reagan1981-1989PresidentUSA
George Herbert Walker BushGeorge Herbert Walker Bush1981-1989Vice PresidentUSA
John Sidney McCainJohn Sidney McCain1983-1987US RepresentativeAZ
Morris King Mo UdallMorris King "Mo" Udall1961-1991US RepresentativeAZ
Christopher John Chris DoddChristopher John "Chris" Dodd1981-2011US SenatorCT
Lowell Palmer WeickerLowell Palmer Weicker1971-1989US SenatorCT
Stewart Brett McKinneyStewart Brett McKinney1971-1987US RepresentativeCT
Joseph Robinette Joe BidenJoseph Robinette "Joe" Biden1973-2009US SenatorDE
Cornelius Alexander Connie Mack McGillicuddyCornelius Alexander "Connie Mack" McGillicuddy1983-1989US RepresentativeFL
Charles Harting Chuck PercyCharles Harting "Chuck" Percy1967-1985US SenatorIL
Richard Joseph Dick DurbinRichard Joseph "Dick" Durbin1983-1997US RepresentativeIL
James Danforth QuayleJames Danforth Quayle1981-1989US SenatorIN
Marie Corinne Morrison ClaiborneMarie Corinne Morrison Claiborne1973-1991US RepresentativeLA
Robert Linlithgow Bob LivingstonRobert Linlithgow "Bob" Livingston1977-1999US RepresentativeLA
Charles McCurdy MathiasCharles McCurdy Mathias1969-1987US SenatorMD
Beverly Barton ButcherBeverly Barton Butcher1979-1993US RepresentativeMD
Quentin Northrop BurdickQuentin Northrop Burdick1960-1992US SenatorND
Harry Mason ReidHarry Mason Reid1983-1987US RepresentativeNV
Barber Benjamin ConableBarber Benjamin Conable1965-1985US RepresentativeNY
Hamilton FishHamilton Fish1969-1995US RepresentativeNY
John Herschel GlennJohn Herschel Glenn1974-1999US SenatorOH
David Lyle BorenDavid Lyle Boren1979-1994US SenatorOK
Henry John HeinzHenry John Heinz1977-1991US SenatorPA
John Lester Hubbard ChafeeJohn Lester Hubbard Chafee1976-1999US SenatorRI
Claiborne de Borda PellClaiborne de Borda Pell1961-1997US SenatorRI
Albert Arnold GoreAlbert Arnold Gore1985-1993US SenatorTN
Albert Arnold GoreAlbert Arnold Gore1977-1985US RepresentativeTN
Lloyd Millard BentsenLloyd Millard Bentsen1971-1993US SenatorTX
Jack English HightowerJack English Hightower1975-1985US RepresentativeTX
Edwin Jacob Jake GarnEdwin Jacob "Jake" Garn1974-1993US SenatorUT
Orrin Grant HatchOrrin Grant Hatch1977-2019US SenatorUT
John William WarnerJohn William Warner1979-2009US SenatorVA
Edward William ProxmireEdward William Proxmire1958-1989US SenatorWI
John Davison Jay RockefellerJohn Davison "Jay" Rockefeller1985-2015US SenatorWV
Malcolm WallopMalcolm Wallop1977-1995US SenatorWY
Richard Bruce Dick CheneyRichard Bruce "Dick" Cheney1979-1989US RepresentativeWY

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