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List of rulers in other provinces and countries at the same time, in the year
Vittorio EmanueleVittorio Emanuele1861-1878MonarchItaly
Vittorio EmanueleVittorio Emanuele1849-1861MonarchItaly, Sardinia
Francis V, Duke of Modena1846-1875ArchdukeAustria, Austria
Leopold I of BelgiumLeopold I of Belgium1831-1865MonarchBelgium
Léopold II of BelgiumLéopold II of Belgium1840-1865DukeBelgium, Brabant
George V of Hanover1851-1866MonarchGermany, Hannover
William I of Wurttemberg1816-1864MonarchGermany, Wurttemberg
Friedrich Wilhelm of Mecklenburg-Strelitz1860-1904Grand DukeGermany, Mecklenburg
William III Of The NetherlandsWilliam III Of The Netherlands1849-1890MonarchNetherlands
Luís I of PortugalLuís I of Portugal1861-1889MonarchPortugal
Isabella II of SpainIsabella II of Spain1833-1868MonarchSpain