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List of rulers in other United Kingdom locations at the same time, in the year
Thomas FitzMaurice1261-1290BaronIreland, Desmond
Walter Burgh1264-1271EarlIreland, Ulster
Boniface of SavoyBoniface of Savoy1241-1270ArchbishopEngland, Canterbury
Henry III King of EnglandHenry III King of England1216-1272MonarchEngland
Jean Fitzalan1264-1267EarlEngland, Arundel
Hugh DespencerHugh Despencer1264-1265BaronEngland, Despencer
Gilbert "the Red" de Clare1262-1295EarlEngland, Gloucester
Humphrey V de Bohun1220-1275EarlEngland, Hereford (6th)
Margaret de Quincy1232-1266CountessEngland, Lincoln (4th)
Robert de Vere1263-1265EarlEngland, Oxford
Peter Ii, Count of SavoyPeter Ii, Count of Savoy1241-1268EarlEngland, Richmond (3rd)
William II de Ros1264-1316BaronEngland, Ros
Roger de Quincy1219-1265EarlEngland, Winchester
Alexander III King of ScotlandAlexander III King of Scotland1249-1286MonarchScotland
William Douglas1240-1274LordScotland, Douglas
Magnus Earl of Caithness1256-1273EarlScotland, Orkney
Maol Iosa Strathearn1244-1271EarlScotland, Strathearn