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List of rulers in other provinces and countries at the same time, in the year
Christian William of BrandenburgChristian William of Brandenburg1598-1631ArchbishopGermany, Magdeburg
Rudolf II Holy Roman EmperorRudolf II Holy Roman Emperor1575-1612MonarchGermany
Rudolf II Holy Roman EmperorRudolf II Holy Roman Emperor1576-1612MonarchGermany, Holy Roman Empire
Georg Friedrich Margrave of Baden-Durlach1604-1622MargraveGermany, Baden Durlach
Joachim Ernst of Brandenburg-Ansbach1603-1625MargraveGermany, Brandenburg,Ansbach
Christian of Brandenburg-Bayreuth1604-1655MargraveGermany, Brandenburg,Bayreuth
Ludwig V of Hesse-DarmstadtLudwig V of Hesse-Darmstadt1596-1626LandgraveGermany, Hesse Darmstadt
Moritz I Langrave of Hesse-Kassel1592-1627LandgraveGermany, Hesse Kassel
John Adolf, Duke of Holstein-GottorpJohn Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp1590-1616DukeGermany, Holstein Gottorp
Adolf Frederick I, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin1592-1628DukeGermany, Mecklenburg Schwerin
Ludwig II Count of Nassau-Weilburg1602-1627CountGermany, Nassau Saarbrucken
Anthony Gunther OldenburgAnthony Gunther Oldenburg1603-1667CountGermany, Oldenburg
Albrecht Friedrich of Prussia1568-1618DukeGermany, Prussia
Frederick I, Duke of WurttembergFrederick I, Duke of Wurttemberg1593-1608DukeGermany, Wurttemberg
John Frederick, Duke Of WurttembergJohn Frederick, Duke Of Wurttemberg1608-1628DukeGermany, Wurttemberg
Matthias Holy Roman EmperorMatthias Holy Roman Emperor1608-1619ArchdukeAustria, Austria
Rudolf II Holy Roman EmperorRudolf II Holy Roman Emperor1576-1608ArchdukeAustria, Austria
Albert Vii, Archduke of AustriaAlbert Vii, Archduke of Austria1598-1621CountBelgium, Flanders
Henry IV of FranceHenry IV of France1589-1610MonarchFrance
Charles, Duke of Guise1588-1640DukeFrance, Guise
Charles III, Duke of LorraineCharles III, Duke of Lorraine1545-1608DukeFrance, Lorraine
Henry II, Duke of LorraineHenry II, Duke of Lorraine1608-1624DukeFrance, Lorraine
Charles of LorraineCharles of Lorraine1572-1611DukeFrance, Mayenne
Henri I de MontmorencyHenri I de Montmorency1579-1614DukeFrance, Montmorency
Carlo I. GonzagaCarlo I. Gonzaga1595-1637DukeFrance, Nevers
Charles Emmanuel of SavoyCharles Emmanuel of Savoy1580-1630DukeFrance, Savoy
Matthias Holy Roman EmperorMatthias Holy Roman Emperor1608-1619MonarchHungary
Rudolf II Holy Roman EmperorRudolf II Holy Roman Emperor1576-1612MonarchHungary
Vincenzo GonzagaVincenzo Gonzaga1587-1612DukeItaly, Mantua
Cesare D' Este1597-1628DukeItaly, Modena
Ranuccio I. Farnese1592-1622DukeItaly, Parma
Ferdinando I De' MediciFerdinando I De' Medici1587-1609Grand DukeItaly, Tuscany
Francisco Maria II Della Rovere1574-1625DukeItaly, Urbino
Isabella Clara Eugenia of SpainIsabella Clara Eugenia of Spain1598-1621MonarchNetherlands
Sigismund III of PolandSigismund III of Poland1587-1632MonarchPoland
Philip III of SpainPhilip III of Spain1598-1621MonarchPortugal
Theodosius II de Bragan├ža1583-1630DukePortugal, Braganza
Philip III of SpainPhilip III of Spain1598-1621MonarchSpain
Henry IV of FranceHenry IV of France1572-1610MonarchSpain, Navarre