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List of rulers in other provinces and countries at the same time, in the year
Philip II Augustus King of FrancePhilip II Augustus King of France1180-1223MonarchFrance
Eudes III of BurgundyEudes III of Burgundy1192-1218DukeFrance, Burgundy
Hugh III of Burgundy1162-1192DukeFrance, Burgundy
Alfonso II Count of ProvenceAlfonso II Count of Provence1185-1209CountFrance, Provence
Thomas I Count of SavoyThomas I Count of Savoy1189-1233CountFrance, Savoy
Leopold V Duke of AustriaLeopold V Duke of Austria1177-1194DukeAustria, Austria
Henry I Duke of Brabant1183-1235DukeBelgium, Brabant
Henri III Count of Limburg1165-1221DukeBelgium, Limburg
Ioann I Asen Czar of Bulgaria1189-1196MonarchBulgaria
Premysl Otakar I of BohemiaPremysl Otakar I of Bohemia1192-1198DukeCzech Republic, Bohemia
Henry VI HohenstauffenHenry VI Hohenstauffen1190-1197MonarchGermany
Henry VI HohenstauffenHenry VI Hohenstauffen1191-1197MonarchGermany, Holy Roman Empire
Ludwig I von Wittelsbach1183-1231DukeGermany, Bavaria
Adolph VI Count of Berg1189-1218CountGermany, Berg
Bela III von HungaryBela III von Hungary1172-1196MonarchHungary
Henry VI HohenstauffenHenry VI Hohenstauffen1191-1197MonarchItaly
Tancred King of Sicily1189-1194MonarchItaly, Sicily
Bogislaw II Duke of Pomerania1187-1220DukePoland, Pomerania
Sancho I of PortugalSancho I of Portugal1185-1212MonarchPortugal
Alfonso II King of AragonAlfonso II King of Aragon1164-1196MonarchSpain, Aragon
Alfonso VIII King of CastileAlfonso VIII King of Castile1158-1214MonarchSpain, Castille
Alfonso IX King of LeonAlfonso IX King of Leon1188-1230MonarchSpain, Galicia
Alfonso IX King of LeonAlfonso IX King of Leon1188-1230MonarchSpain, Leon
Sancho V (Vi) Garcia NavarreSancho V (Vi) Garcia Navarre1150-1194MonarchSpain, Navarre
Alfonso II King of AragonAlfonso II King of Aragon1164-1196CountSpain, Barcelona