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List of rulers in other United Kingdom locations at the same time, in the year
Thomas Arundel1396-1414ArchbishopEngland, Canterbury
Richard Scrope1398-1405ArchbishopEngland, York
Henry IV King of EnglandHenry IV King of England1399-1413MonarchEngland
Richard PlantagenetRichard Plantagenet1377-1399MonarchEngland
Thomas Fitzalan1399-1415EarlEngland, Arundel
William Beauchamp1392-1411BaronEngland, Bergavenny
Thomas de Berkeley1368-1417BaronEngland, Berkeley
William de Botreaux1395-1462BaronEngland, Botreaux
Elizabeth de Burghersh1369-1402BaronessEngland, Burghersh (2nd)
John Charleton1374-1401BaronEngland, Cherleton
John Clifford1391-1421BaronEngland, Clifford
John Cobham1355-1408BaronEngland, Cobham in Kent
Reynold de Cobham1361-1403BaronEngland, Cobham of Sterborough
Thomas de Dacre1398-1458BaronEngland, Dacre (1st)
Thomas le Despenser1375-1400BaronEngland, Despencer (4th)
Edward de Courtenay1377-1419EarlEngland, Devon
John Holland1397-1399DukeEngland, Exeter
Robert de Ferrers1367-1413BaronEngland, Ferrers of Chartley
Henry FitzhughHenry Fitzhugh1396-1425BaronEngland, Fitzhugh
Thomas Neville1383-1407BaronEngland, Furnivall
Richard Grey1396-1442BaronEngland, Grey de Wilton
Richard de Grey1397-1418BaronEngland, Grey of Codnor
Ralph Greystoke1358-1417BaronEngland, Greystoke (2nd)
Edward Hastings1396-1438BaronEngland, Hastings of 1295 Creation
Thomas Holland1397-1400EarlEngland, Kent (6th)
Henry IV King of EnglandHenry IV King of England1399-1399DukeEngland, Lancaster (2nd)
John of GauntJohn of Gaunt1362-1399DukeEngland, Lancaster (2nd)
Henry V King of EnglandHenry V King of England1399-1413DukeEngland, Lancaster (3rd)
John Lovell1361-1408BaronEngland, Lovel
Ralph de Lumley1384-1400BaronEngland, Lumley
Thomas de Morley1379-1416BaronEngland, Morley
Thomas de MowbrayThomas de Mowbray1379-1399BaronEngland, Mowbray
Thomas de Mowbray1399-1405BaronEngland, Mowbray
Ralph de NevilleRalph de Neville1388-1425BaronEngland, Neville de Raby
Thomas de MowbrayThomas de Mowbray1397-1399DukeEngland, Norfolk
Thomas de MowbrayThomas de Mowbray1399-1399EarlEngland, Norfolk (3rd)
Thomas de Mowbray1399-1405EarlEngland, Norfolk (3rd)
Margaret Plantagenet1338-1399CountessEngland, Norfolk (3rd)
Henry IV King of EnglandHenry IV King of England1384-1399EarlEngland, Northampton (3rd)
Henry de PercyHenry de Percy1377-1405EarlEngland, Northumberland
Thomas de MowbrayThomas de Mowbray1383-1399EarlEngland, Nottingham (2nd)
Thomas de Mowbray1399-1405EarlEngland, Nottingham (2nd)
Aubrey de Vere1392-1400EarlEngland, Oxford
Robert de Poynings1387-1446BaronEngland, Poynings
John V of BrittanyJohn V of Brittany1372-1399EarlEngland, Richmond (2nd)
William Ros1394-1414BaronEngland, Ros
John MontaguJohn Montagu1397-1400EarlEngland, Salisbury (2nd)
Richard le ScropeRichard le Scrope1371-1403BaronEngland, Scrope of Bolton
Stephen le Scrope1391-1406BaronEngland, Scrope of Masham
John BeaufortJohn Beaufort1397-1410EarlEngland, Somerset (2nd)
Edmund de Stafford1395-1403BaronEngland, Stafford
Richard le Strange1397-1449BaronEngland, Strange (2nd)
Michael de la PoleMichael de la Pole1398-1415EarlEngland, Suffolk
Thomas Holland1397-1399DukeEngland, Surrey
Gilbert Talbot1396-1419BaronEngland, Talbot
Thomas Holland1397-1400BaronEngland, Wake of Liddell
Thomas Beauchamp1369-1401EarlEngland, Warwick
John 5th Baron de Welles1361-1421BaronEngland, Welles
Ralph de NevilleRalph de Neville1397-1425EarlEngland, Westmoreland
William de WilloughbyWilliam de Willoughby1396-1409BaronEngland, Willoughby de Eresby
William la Zouche1396-1415BaronEngland, Zouche of Haryngworth
James Butler1382-1405EarlIreland, Ormond
Robert III King of ScotlandRobert III King of Scotland1390-1406MonarchScotland
Robert StewartRobert Stewart1398-1420DukeScotland, Albany
George Douglas1389-1402EarlScotland, Angus (2nd)
Archibald of DouglasArchibald of Douglas1388-1400EarlScotland, Douglas
Robert StewartRobert Stewart1371-1420EarlScotland, Fife
David Prince of ScotlandDavid Prince of Scotland1398-1402DukeScotland, Rothesay
Robert Sutherland1370-1427EarlScotland, Sutherland