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List of executives and legislators in the state at the same time, in the year
William Alfred BuckinghamWilliam Alfred Buckingham1858-1866GovernorCT
Joseph Roswell HawleyJoseph Roswell Hawley1866-1867GovernorCT
Miles Tobey GrangerMiles Tobey Granger1866State SenatorCT
Henry Griswold HubbardHenry Griswold Hubbard1866-1868State SenatorCT
Elisha Hulbert PalmerElisha Hulbert Palmer1866State SenatorCT
Phineas Taylor BarnumPhineas Taylor Barnum1865-1866State RepresentativeCT
William Lewis GilbertWilliam Lewis Gilbert1848-1868State RepresentativeCT
Elias GilmanElias Gilman1866State RepresentativeCT

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Historical Records

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