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List of executives and legislators in the state at the same time, in the year
John Samuel PetersJohn Samuel Peters1831-1833GovernorCT
Thaddeus BettsThaddeus Betts1832-1833Lieutenant GovernorCT
William Whiting BoardmanWilliam Whiting Boardman1830-1832State SenatorCT
Andrew Thompson Judson1830-1832State SenatorCT
Charles Frederick SedgwickCharles Frederick Sedgwick1832State SenatorCT
Thomas Kimberly Brace1831-1832State RepresentativeCT
Thomas Belden ButlerThomas Belden Butler1832-1846State RepresentativeCT
Noah Pomeroy1832State RepresentativeCT
Ebenezer Strong1832State RepresentativeCT
Loren Pinckney Waldo1832-1834State RepresentativeCT

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Historical Records

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