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Checklist of Documents/Sources

Listed here are options to help you track which documents are found for which people, helping to focus on those that are not yet found.


FoundYou have found the document, and have a copy or know where to find it.
SearchingYou are still looking for it.
MissingYou know that it does not exist this person.
Not ApplicableIt is not applicable for this person.

Add here the list of documents or sources you want to track. Some examples include birth certifcate, baptism record, immigration, marriage certificate, census records, draft records, will, death certifcate, city directories. For cases like the census, which may have many different years, you can have one entry to mean all years for a person, or each year separately - whatever is the most helpful for you. Click and drag rows to re-order.

DescriptionLong DescriptionCount

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