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US Government Service

Linking agencies and departments of the US federal government with people who worked in and managed them.

Totals: Records: 6,528  •  Links: 1,125

US Navy Department1293238
US Department of State45788
US Department of Defense37263
US Department of Treasury52957
US Department of Justice10752
US Post Office Department39138
US Department of Interior28225
Smithsonian Institution11125
US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations24
US Consul24
US Senate1123
US House Committee on Ways and Means23
US Department of Agriculture76016
US Senate Committee on the District of Columbia15
US House Committee on Foreign Affairs15
US House of Representatives2314
US Senate Committee on the Judiciary14
US Senate Committee on Finance14
US Senate Committee on Rules13
US Department of Commerce3812
US Mint12
US Senate Committee on Patents12
US Solicitor General11
US Life Saving Service11
US Patent Office32510
US Senate Committee on Public Lands10
US Consul General9
US Senate Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds9
US Senate Committee on Naval Affairs9
US Geological Survey3518
US House Committee on the Judiciary8
Library of Congress2677
US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs7
US House Committee on Banking and Currency7
US House Committee on Commerce7
US Coast and Geodetic Survey1226
US Lighthouse Board496
US House Committee on Appropriations6
US Senate Committee on Claims6
US Vice Consul5
US Congress Joint Committee on Reconstruction5
US House Committee on Agriculture5
US House Committee on Claims5
US House Committee on Commerce and Manufactures5
US Department of Labor454
US Senate Committee on Civil Service and Retrenchment4
US House Committee on Expenditures on Public Buildings4
US Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections4
US Senate Committee on Appropriations4
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Department of State4
US Collector of Customs4
US Fish Commission543
US Ambassador to NATO3
US Government3
US Senate Committee on Commerce3
US House Committee on Elections3
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Post Office Department3
US Comptroller of the Currency3
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Department of the Navy3
US House Committee on Patents3
Federal Bureau of Investigation3
US Senate Committee on Education and Labor3
US House Committee on Accounts3
US Weather Bureau462
US Naval Observatory242
US Senate Committee on Agriculture Nutrition and Forestry2
US Atomic Energy Commission2
US Senate Committee on Revision of the Laws2
US House Committee on Invalid Pensions2
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Department of War2
US House Committee on the District of Columbia2
US Senate Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs2
US National Security Advisor2
US House Committee on Railways and Canals2
US Ambassador to the United Nations2
US Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions2
US Comptroller General2
US Senate Committee on Armed Services2
US Sanitary Commission2
US Pension Bureau1771
US Bureau of Standards1061
US Census Bureau871
US Civil Service Commission771
US Reclamation Service591
US Forest Service591
US Indian Service411
US Federal Trade Commission281
US Bureau of Fisheries141
Federal Reserve Bank71
US Bureau of Public Roads61
US Federal Housing Administration1
US House Committee on Manufactures1
US Senate Watergate Committee1
US House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries1
Federal Communications Commission1
US House Committee on Territories1
US Special Diplomatic Agent1
US House Committee on Energy and Commerce1
US Senate Committee on Fish and Fisheries1
US Agency for International Development1
US Senate Committee on Banking1
US Postal Service1
US Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs1
US Senate Committee on Private Land Claims1
US House Committee on Expenditures in the Department of the Treasury1
US House Committee on Armed Services1
US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development1
US Senate Committee on Aging1
US House Committee on Mileage1
US Senate Committee on Immigration1
US Senate Committee on Expenditures in Executive Departments1
US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works1
US House Committee on Energy1
US Senate Committee on Post Office and Post Roads1
US Secretary of Air Force1
US House Committee on Post Offices and Roads1
US Assistant Secretary of Transportation1
US Senate Committee on Manufacturers1
US House Committee on the Judiciary1
US House Committee on Coinage Weights and Measures1
US House Committee on the Militia1
US House Committee on Rivers and Harbors1
US Secretary of Transportation1
US House Committee on Education1
US House Committee on Labor1
US House Committee on Indian Affairs1
US Bureau of the Budget1
US House Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds1
US House Committee on Military Affairs1
US Public Health Service65
US Bureau of Education44
US Department of Commerce and Labor42
US Indian Bureau21
US Customs Service11
US Capitol10
US Veterans Bureau9
Federal Highway Administration4
Federal Reserve Board4