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Military Ship Service: US / Continental Navy

Summarizing ships and the crew who served on them. Totals: 2,322 ships, 13,839 crew. Use the
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Unidentified US State Navies or Privateers United Kingdom
USS Rutland0
USS S-1301921-1945Kittery, Portsmouth Navy Yard
USS S-1401919-1945Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS S-201919-1931Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS S-2901922-1947Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-3201919-1945Union Iron WorksSan Francisco
USS S-3401922-1946Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoSan Francisco
USS S-3501918-1945Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoSan Francisco
USS S-3601919-1942Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoSan Francisco
USS S-390
USS S-400
USS S-410
USS S-450
USS S-470
USS S-480
USS S-500
USS S-60
USS S-90
USS Sacramento0
USS Sagamore (AT20)0
USS Saginaw Bay0
USS Saidor0
USS Salamaua0
USS Salerno Bay0
USS Salisbury Sound0
USS Sam Houston0
USS Sam Rotan0
USS Samar (ARG11)0
USS Samaritan0
USS Samson0
USS Samuel Chase0Named for: Samuel Chase
USS San Diego (CL53)0
USS San Jacinto (CVL30)0New York Shipbuilding CoCamden
USS San Juan0
USS Sanborn0
USS Sanctuary0
USS Sanderling (AM37)01918-1922
USS Sangamon (CVE26)0
USS Santa Fe0
USS Santee (CVE29)0
USS Sara Thompson (AO8)01918-1933
USS Sarah Bruen0
USS Sarasota0
USS Saratoga (1780)0
USS Sargent Bay0
USS Savo Island0
USS Schuyler0
USS Sciota (AT30)0
USS Sea Bass0
USS Sea Bird0
USS Sea Flier0
USS Sea Gull (1818)0
USS Sea Partridge0
USS Sea Rover (AT57)0
USS Sea Runner0
USS Seafoam0
USS Seattle0
USS Sebago (1893)0
USS Sepulga (AO20)0
USS Sequoia (AG23)0
USS Severn (1898)0
USS Sevier0
USS Seymour0
USS Shamrock Bay0
USS Shangri-La0
USS Shawsheen0
USS Shelby0
USS Sheridan0
USS Shipley Bay0
USS Shockokon0
USS Sibley0
USS Siboney0
USS Sicily0
USS Sierra0
USS Signal0
USS Silver Cloud0
USS Silver Lake0
USS Simpson0
USS Sioux (YT19)0
USS Siren (1803)0
USS Sirin0
USS Sitka0
USS Sitkoh Bay0
USS Snapper0
USS Solace (AH5)01927-1946Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Solomons0
USS Somers (1812)0Named for: Richard Somers
USS Sophronia0
USS Southfield0
USS Sperry0Named for: Elmer Ambrose Sperry
USS Spitfire (1846)0
USS Springfield0
USS Sprlngfield0
USS Spuyten Duyval0
USS St Croix0
USS St George0
USS St Louis (CL49)0
USS St Marys (APA126)0
USS St Mihiel0
USS St Paul (CA73)01944-1979Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Starlight0
USS Steamer Bay0
USS Stepping Stones0
USS Stettin0
USS Stonewall0
USS Sunflower0
USS Sunnadin (AT28)0
USS Surprize (1777)0
USS Susquehanna (ID3016)0
USS Suwanee (CVE27)01938-1959Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock CoKearny
USS Sweet Brier0
USS Sydil0
USS Sylph (1831)0
USS Taconic0
USS Tadousac (AT22)0
USS Talbot (TB15)0
USS Talladega0
USS Tallahatchie0
USS Tamaroa (AT62)0
USS Tampico0
USS Tanager (AM5)0
USS Taney0
USS Tangier0
USS Tarantula0
USS Tarawa0
USS Tarpon0
USS Tatnuck (AT27)0
USS Tawah0
USS Tazewell0
USS Teal (AM23)01918-1945
USS Teaser0
USS Tecumseh (YT24)0
USS Tenadores0
USS Tensas0
USS Tern (AM31)01919-1945
USS Terror (CM5)0
USS Teton0
USS Thetis Bay0
USS Thistle0
USS Thomas Jefferson0Named for: President Thomas Jefferson
USS Thrush (AM18)01919-1945
USS Ticonderoga (CV14)01943-1974Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Tillamook (AT16)0
USS Tonawanda0
USS Torch (1814)0
USS Tranquility0
USS Tripoli0
USS Tritonia0
USS Troy0
USS Tryon0
USS Tulagi0
USS Tulip0
USS Turkey (AM13)01918-1945
USS Tuscumbia0
USS Tutuila (ARG4)0
USS Tyler0
USS Typhoon0
USS Umpqua (AT25)0
USS Undaunted (AT58)0
USS Underwriter0
USS Us Grant0
USS Valley City0
USS Valparaiso0
USS Vella Gulf0
USS Vicksburg (CL86)0Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Victoria0
USS Victory0
USS Vincennes (CL64)0
USS Viper0
USS Vireo (AM52)01919-1946
USS Virginia (1861)01863-1865Dunbarton
USS Volunteer0
USS Von Steuben0
USS Vulcan0
USS W. G. Anderson0
USS Wake Island0
USS Wakefield0
USS Wandank (AT26)0
USS Wando0
USS Wando (AT17)0
USS War Hawk0
USS Warbler (AM53)01919-1946
USS Warren (1775)0
USS Warren (APA53)0
USS Wasatch0
USS Washington0
USS Wasp (1814)0
USS Wasp (CV7)01939-1942
USS Wayne0
USS Welborn C. Wood (DD195)01921-1940Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Welles (DD257)01919-1944Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS West Point0
USS Western World0
USS Westmoreland0
USS Wharton0Named for: Franklin Wharton
USS Whippoorwill (AM35)01919-1946
USS White Plains0
USS Whitehead0
USS Widgeon (AM22)01918-1947
USS Wilderness0
USS Wilhelmina0
USS Wilkes-Barre0
USS Willet (AM54)01920-1947
USS William Bacon0
USS William P. Biddle0
USS Wilmington0
USS Windham Bay0
USS Windsor0
USS Winged Arrow0
USS Wisconsin (BB64)01941-2006Philadelphia, Navy Yard
USS Wompatuck (YT27)0
USS Woodcock (AM14)01919-1946
USS Wyalusing0
USS Wyandank0
USS Xanthus0
USS Yellowstone0
USS Yorktown (CV10)0Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Yosemite (AD19)0
USS Young Rover0
USS Zeelandia0
USS Zeilin0
USS Zouave0