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Military Ship Service: US / Continental Navy

Summarizing ships and the crew who served on them. Totals: 2,320 ships, 13,839 crew. Use the
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Unidentified US State Navies or Privateers United Kingdom
USS Cape Esperance0
USS Cape Gloucester0
USS Cape Johnson0
USS Card0
USS Carnation0
USS Carrabasset (AT35)0
USS Carrabassett0
USS Casablanca0
USS Cascade0
USS Catalpa0
USS Catoctin0
USS Catskill (LSV1)0
USS Cavalier0
USS Cebu0
USS Cecil0
USS Ceres0
USS Cesar0
USS Challenge (AT59)0
USS Champion (1777)0
USS Champion (1859)01859-1865Cincinnati
USS Chandeleur0
USS Charger0
USS Charles Carroll0
USS Chase0
USS Chatham0
USS Cherokee0
USS Chicago (CA136)01944-1984Philadelphia, Navy Yard
USS Chillicothe0
USS Chilton0
USS Clara Dolsen0
USS Clay0
USS Clematis0
USS Cleveland (CL55)01940-1960New York Shipbuilding CoCamden
USS Clover0
USS Clyde0
USS Coeur De Lion0
USS Cohasset0
USS Collingsworth0
USS Columbia (C56)0
USS Columbine0
USS Columbus (CA74)01944-1977Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Comet0
USS Comfort (AH3)0William Cramp and Sons Shipbuilding CoPhiladelphia
USS Comfort (AH6)0
USS Commodore0
USS Commodore Hull0
USS Commodore Read0
USS Conestoga0
USS Conestoga (AT54)0
USS Congress (1776)0
USS Consolation (AH15)0
USS Contocook (AT36)0
USS Copahee0
USS Core0
USS Cormorant (AM40)01919-1946
USS Cornelia0
USS Corregidor0
USS Corypheus0
USS Covington0
USS Cowpens0
USS Cowslip0
USS Craven (TB10)0
USS Crescent City0
USS Cricket0
USS Croatan0
USS Crockett0
USS Cumberland Sound0
USS Currituck (1843)01843-1865New York City
USS Currituck (AV7)0
USS Curtiss0
USS Custer0
USS Daffodil0
USS Dahlia0
USS Daisy0
USS Dandelion0
USS Dane0
USS Darke0
USS Dauphin0
USS Dawn0
USS Dayton0
USS Delaware (1776)0
USS Delaware (1861)0
USS Delta (AR9)0Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Denebola0
USS Denver (CL58)01942-1959New York Shipbuilding CoCamden
USS Deuel0
USS Diligent0
USS Dixie (AD14)0
USS Dolphin (SS169)0
USS Dorothea L. Dix0
USS Dragon0
USS Drew0
USS Duane0
USS Duluth0
USS Dumbarton0
USS Dupage0
USS Dutchess0
USS E. B. Hale0
USS Eagle0
USS Eagle (PE58)0
USS Eastport0
USS Edgecombe0
USS Eider (AM17)01919-1945
USS Eigel0
USS Eldorado0
USS Electra0
USS Elizabeth C. Stanton0
USS Ella0
USS Elmore0
USS Eolus0
USS Epsilon0
USS Essex (CV9)01942-1973Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Estes0
USS Europa0
USS Euryale0
USS Eutaw0
USS Exchange0
USS Extavia0
USS F. A. Ward0
USS Fahkee0
USS Fairy0
USS Falcon0
USS Fall River0
USS Fanshaw Bay0
USS Farallones0
USS Fargo0
USS Fawn0
USS Fayette0
USS Feland0
USS Fenimore Cooper0Named for: James Fenimore Cooper
USS Fern (1863)0
USS Fernandina0
USS Ferry0
USS Finland0
USS Flamingo (AM32)01919-1953
USS Florence Nightingale0
USS Forest Rose0
USS Fort Donelson0
USS Fort Gaines0
USS Fort Hindman0
USS Fox (1822)0
USS Fox (1859)0
USS Franklin (1775)0
USS Franklin (CV13)0Named for: Benjamin FranklinNewport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt0
USS Frederick0
USS Frederick Funston0
USS Freeborn0
USS Freestone0
USS Fremont0
USS Frolic (1813)0
USS Frontier0
USS Fuchsia0
USS Fuller0
USS Fulton (AS11)0Named for: Robert Fulton
USS G. W. Blunt0
USS Gage0
USS Gannet (AM41)0
USS Gazelle0
USS Gen C. C. Ballou0
USS Gen C. G. Morton0
USS Gen E. T. Collins0
USS Gen G. M. Randall0
USS Gen H. W. Butner0
USS Gen Harry Taylor0
USS Gen J. C. Breckinridge0
USS Gen J. H. Mcrae0
USS Gen J. R. Brooke0
USS Gen John Pope0
USS Gen Leroy Eltinge0
USS Gen M. B. Stewart0
USS Gen Omar Bundy0
USS Gen R. E. Callan0
USS Gen R. L. Howze0
USS Gen T. H. Bliss0
USS Gen W. A. Mann0
USS Gen W. C. Langfitt0
USS Gen W. F. Hase0
USS Gen W. H. Gordon0
USS Gen William M. Black0
USS Gen William Mitchell0
USS General A. E. Anderson0
USS General Grant0Named for: Gen Ulysses Simpson Grant
USS General H. Ernst0
USS General Pillow0
USS General Price0
USS General Putnam0
USS General Sherman0Named for: William Tecumseh Sherman
USS General Thomas0Named for: George Henry Thomas
USS Genesee (AT55)0
USS George Clymer0Named for: George Clymer
USS George Mangham0
USS George W. Rodgers0Named for: Commander George Washington Rodgers
USS Georgia Packet0
USS Geranium0
USS Gertrude0
USS Gilbert Islands0
USS Gladiolus0
USS Glaucus0
USS Glide0
USS Glynn0
USS Gold Star0
USS Golden City0
USS Goshen0
USS Governor Buckingham0Named for: William Alfred Buckingham
USS Grafton0
USS Grampus (1863)0
USS Grampus (SP1708)0
USS Grand Canyon0
USS Grand Gulf0
USS Granite0
USS Granite City0
USS Grayling0
USS Great Western0
USS Grebe (AM43)01918-1943Staten Island Steam Boat CoStaten Island
USS Gresham0
USS Griffin0
USS Griggs0
USS Grimes0
USS Grundy0
USS Guadalcanal0
USS Guam (CB2)0
USS Guilford0
USS Gulfport (AK5)0
USS Gwin (TB16)0
USS Hague0
USS Half Moon0
USS Hamblen0
USS Hamlin0
USS Hampton0
USS Hamul0
USS Hancock (CV19)0Named for: John Hancock
USS Hannah0
USS Hansford0
USS Harris (APA2)01921-1946Bethlehem Steel CoSparrows Point
USS Harrisburg0
USS Harrison (1761)0Named for: Benjamin Harrison
USS Harry Lee0
USS Harvest Moon0
USS Haskell0
USS Hatteras0
USS Haven0
USS Hawk (IX14)0
USS Hector0
USS Helena (CL113)0
USS Heliotrope0
USS Hendry0
USS Henrico0
USS Henry Janes0
USS Henry T. Allen0
USS Herald Of The Morning0
USS Hermitage0
USS Heywood0
USS Hibiscus0
USS Highlands0
USS Hoggatt Bay0
USS Hollandia0
USS Hollyhock0
USS Home0
USS Honduras0
USS Honeysuckle0
USS Honolulu (CL48)01937-1959Brooklyn, Navy Yard
USS Hooper Island0
USS Hope0
USS Horace Deals0
USS Hornet (1775)0
USS Hornet (1865)0
USS Hornet (CV8)0Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Houghlen0
USS Houquah0
USS Houston (CL81)0
USS Howard W. Gilmore0
USS Howquah0
USS Hull0Named for: Isaac Hull
USS Hunter Liggett0
USS Huntington0
USS Huntress0
USS Huron (ID1408)0
USS Hyacinth0
USS Hydranga0
USS Ida0
USS Independence (1776)0
USS Independence (CVL22)0New York Shipbuilding CoCamden
USS Intrepid (1904)0
USS Intrepid (CV11)01941-1982Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Iosco0
USS Iowa (BB61)0
USS Iris (1863)01863-1865Brooklyn
USS Isaac Smith0
USS Isonomia0
USS Iuka0
USS Iuka (AT37)0
USS Ivy0
USS J. C. Kuhn0
USS J. Franklin Bell0
USS James L. Davis0
USS Jasmine0
USS Jason0
USS Jean Lafitte0
USS John Griffith0