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Military Ship Service: US / Continental Navy

Summarizing ships and the crew who served on them. Totals: 2,320 ships, 13,839 crew. Use the
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Unidentified US State Navies or Privateers United Kingdom
USS Jones (1814)1
USS Judge Torrence1
USS Kalk (DD170)11918-1945
Named for: Stanton Frederick Kalk
Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Kennison (DD138)11918-1946Mare Island, Navy Yard
USS Kenosha1
USS Lady of the Lake1Henry EckfordSackets Harbor
USS Laub (DD263)11919-1940Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Leviathan1
USS Lexington (1776)1
USS Louisville (1861)11861-1868James Buchanan EadsSt Louis City
USS Luzon (ARG2)1
USS Lynx (1814)11814-1820
USS Mackenzie (TB17)1Named for: Alexander Slidell Mackenzie
USS Mackinaw (1863)11863-1867Brooklyn, Navy Yard
USS Madawaska1
USS Magnolia1
USS Manila1
USS Marisheet1
USS Mattabessett1
USS Mclanahan (DD264)11919-1946Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Meredith (DD165)11918-1936Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Meteor1
USS Midnight1
USS Mingoe1
USS Missouri (BB63)11944-1995Brooklyn, Navy Yard
USS Moccasin1
USS Montgomery (1776)1Named for: Richard Montgomery
USS Mound City1James Buchanan Eads
USS Mount Vernon1
USS N-211917-1931Seattle Construction and Dry Dock CoSeattle
USS Nansemond11862-1897Lawrence and FoulksWilliamsburg
USS Napa (AT32)1
USS Narwhal1
USS Nashville (CL43)1
USS Nautilus (SS168)1
USS Neptune (1815)1
USS Nereus (AC10)11911-1941Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Nicholas (DD311)11920-1923
Named for: Samuel Nicholas
Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoSan Francisco
USS Nicholson (TB29)1
USS Niphon1
USS Norfolk Packet1
USS Norwich1
USS O'Brien (TB30)1
USS O-111917-1938Kittery, Portsmouth Navy Yard
USS O-1211916-1930Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS O-1311916-1930Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS O-1611916-1930California Shipbuilding CoLong Beach
USS O-211918-1945Bremerton, Puget Sound Navy Yard
USS O-511917-1924Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS O-711917-1945Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Oahu (PG46)11927-1942
USS Oglala1
USS Ontario (AT13)1New York Shipbuilding CoCamden
USS Osmond Ingram (DD255)11919-1946Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Osprey (AM29)11919-1947
USS Panay (PG45)11927-1937Shanghai
USS Patapsco (AT10)1
USS Pelican (AM27)11918-1945Gas Engine and Power Co and Charles L. Seabury CoMorris Heights
USS Peoria (1863)1
USS Pequot1
USS Peri1
USS Petrel (1862)1
USS Petrita1
USS Pickering1
USS Pittsburgh (1861)1James Buchanan EadsSt Louis City
USS Poinsett1
USS Porpoise (SS7)1
USS Potomac (AT50)11898-1922
USS Potomska1
USS President1
USS Proteus (AC9)1Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Providence (1776)1
USS R-1211919-1943Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS R-1311919-1945Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS R-241Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS R-2511919-1930Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS R-261Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS R-271Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS R-411916-1945Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS R-511918-1945Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS R-611919-1945Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS R-711919-1945Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS R-91Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Reindeer1
USS Resistance1
USS Resolute (1894)11894-1927Delaware River Iron Ship Building and Engine WorksChester
USS Restless1
USS Robin (AM3)11918-1945
USS Rodolph1
USS S-1111921-1945Kittery, Portsmouth Navy Yard
USS S-1211921-1945Kittery, Portsmouth Navy Yard
USS S-1511920-1946Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS S-1611919-1944Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS S-1711920-1945Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS S-1911920-1936Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-2011920-1945Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-2111920-1942Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-2211920-1945Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-2311920-1945Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-2611922-1942Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-2811922-1924Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-311918-1937Kittery, Portsmouth Navy Yard
USS S-3111918-1945Union Iron WorksSan Francisco
USS S-3311918-1945Union Iron WorksSan Francisco
USS S-3711919-1945Union Iron WorksSan Francisco
USS S-3811919-1945Union Iron WorksSan Francisco
USS S-421
USS S-431
USS S-4411923-1943Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-4611923-1945Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS S-511919-1921Kittery, Portsmouth Navy Yard
USS S-5111921-1925Lake Torpedo Boat CoBridgeport
USS S-71
USS S-811920-1937Kittery, Portsmouth Navy Yard
USS Sachem (1776)1
USS Sagamore (1861)11861-1865Boston
USS Salmon1
USS Sandpiper (AM51)11919-1945
USS Sassacus1
USS Satterlee (DD190)11919-1940Named for: Charles SatterleeNewport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Schley (DD103)11918-1946Named for: Winfield Scott Schley
USS Scorpion (1813)11813-1814Erie
USS Scorpion (1847)11846-1848New York City
USS Semmes (DD189)11920-1946Named for: Raphael SemmesNewport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Shark (SS174)1
USS Shawmut (CM4)1
USS Shubrick (DD268)11919-1945Named for: William Branford ShubrickBethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Somers (DD381)11937-1947
Named for: Richard Somers
Federal Shipbuilding CoKearny
USS Somers (TB22)1Named for: Richard Somers
USS South Dakota (BB57)11941-1962New York Shipbuilding CoCamden
USS St Clair1Named for: Arthur St ClairEdward Hartt
USS Stars and Stripes1
USS Stingray1
USS Stockdale1
USS Stromboli1
USS Suwanee1
USS Swallow (AM4)11918-1938Todd Shipyards CoNew York City
USS Swan (AM34)11919-1945Alabama Dry Dock and Shipbuilding CoMobile
USS Sylph (1813)11813-1823Sackets Harbor
USS T-111918-1931Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS T-211919-1931Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS T-311919-1931Fore River Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Thornton (DD270)11919-1957Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Tigress (1871)1
USS Topeka (CL67)1
USS Trever (DD339)11922-1940Mare Island, Navy Yard
USS Triana (1865)11865-1891
USS Trinity (AO13)1Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Trippe (1812)1Henry EckfordSackets Harbor
USS Tristram Shandy1
USS Tutuila (PG44)11926-1948
USS Two Sisters1
USS Vanderbilt1
USS Vicksburg (1863)1
USS Vindicator1
USS Virginia (1776)11776-1778The first USS Virginia was a 28-gun sailing frigate of the Continental Navy
USS Vixen (1803)1
USS Wamsutta1
USS Ward (DD139)11918-1944
USS Warren1
USS Wasp (1775)1
USS Wasp (CV18)11943-1972an Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the USNBethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Wilkes (DD67)11916-1934William Cramp and Sons Shipbuilding CoPhiladelphia
USS Wolverine1
USS Wyoming (1859)11858-1892Philadelphia, Navy Yard
USS Yankee (1861)11861-1865New York City
USS Zane (DD337)11921-1947Mare Island, Navy Yard
USS Zeilin (DD313)1Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoSan Francisco
USS A. Houghton0
USS Acacia0
USS Acushnet (AT63)0
USS Adair0
USS Adder0
USS Adela0
USS Adirondack (1861)0
USS Adirondack (AGC15)0
USS Adm E. W. Eberle0
USS Adm H. T. Mayo0
USS Admiral W. L. Capps0
USS Admiralty Islands0
USS Adolph Hugel0
USS Aegir0
USS Aeolus0
USS Agamemnon0
USS Ajax (AR6)0
USS Alabama (1850)0
USS Alabama (BB60)01942-1962Norfolk Navy Yard
USS Alaska (CB1)0New York Shipbuilding CoCamden
USS Albemarle (1863)0
USS Albemarle (AV5)0
USS Alcedo0
USS Alcoa Patriot0
USS Alexandria0
USS Algorma (AT34)0
USS Allegheny (AT19)0
USS Allendale0
USS Alpine0
USS Altamaha0
USS Althea0
USS Amaranthus0
USS American Legion0
USS Amsterdam0
USS Ancon0
USS Anemone0
USS Anne Arundel0
USS Annie0
USS Antietam0
USS Antigone0
USS Antona0
USS Apache (1889)0
USS Appalachian0
USS Arapaho (AT14)0
USS Arayat0
USS Arcadia0
USS Arenac0
USS Arethusa (1864)0
USS Argonaut (SM1)0
USS Argosy0
USS Argus (1813)0
USS Ariel (1831)0
USS Ariel (1862)0
USS Aries0
USS Arlington0
USS Arthur0
USS Arthur Middleton0
USS Astoria (AK8)0
USS Astoria (CL90)0
USS Atlanta0
USS Atlanta (1861)01861-1869Glasgow
USS Atlanta (CL104)0New York Shipbuilding CoCamden
USS Attu0
USS Auburn0
USS Augusta Dinsmore0
USS Auk (AM38)01919-1947Todd Shipyards CoNew York City
USS Avenger0
USS Azalia0
USS Badoeing Strait0
USS Bagaduce (AT21)0
USS Bairoko0
USS Baltimore (1777)0
USS Baltimore (C68)0
USS Bandera0
USS Banshee0
USS Barnes0
USS Barnett0
USS Barnstable0
USS Barnwell0
USS Baron DeKalb0
USS Baxter0
USS Bay Spring (AT60)0
USS Bayfield0
USS Beauregard0
USS Belleau Wood0
USS Benevolence0
USS Bennington (CV20)0
USS Bergen0
USS Bexar0
USS Bignonia (1863)0
USS Biloxi0
USS Bingham0
USS Birmingham (CL62)0Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Bittern (AM36)0
USS Bland0
USS Block Island0
USS Blue Ridge0
USS Blunt0
USS Bogue0
USS Bolivar0
USS Bollinger0
USS Bon Homme Richard (CV31)01943-1989Brooklyn, Navy Yard
USS Bonita0
USS Bosque0
USS Boston (CA69)01942-1975Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Bottineau0
USS Bougainville0
USS Bountiful0
USS Bourbon0
USS Bowie0
USS Boxer (CV21)0Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock CoNewport News
USS Brant (AM24)01918-1945
USS Braxton0
USS Breton0
USS Briareus0
USS Bridgeport0
USS Bronx0
USS Brookings0
USS Buckthorn0
USS Bunker Hill (CV17)01942-1966Bethlehem Shipbuilding CoQuincy
USS Burleigh0
USS Bushnell (AS15)0Named for: David BushnellMare Island, Navy Yard
USS C. P. Williams0
USS Caesar (AC16)0
USS Cahokia (AT61)0
USS Caledonia (1812)0
USS Callaway0
USS Calvert0
USS Calypso0
USS Cambria0
USS Camelia0
USS Canberra0