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Linking judges and their courts

Andrew Adams1789-1797superior court judgeCT
Richard Henry AlveyRichard Henry Alvey1883-1893appeals court judgeMD
Richard Henry AlveyRichard Henry Alvey1893-1905appeals court judgeDC
Alexander Outlaw AndersonAlexander Outlaw Anderson1851-1853Supreme Court JusticeCA
Francis Thomas AndersonFrancis Thomas Anderson1870-1883Supreme Court JusticeVA
Walker A. AndersonWalker A. Anderson1851-1853Supreme Court JusticeFL
Alexis Caswell Angell1911-1912district judgeMIEastern District
Morris Sheppard Arnold1985-1992district judgeAR
Morris Sheppard Arnold1992-2006appeals court judgeUSA8th Circuit
Richard Sheppard Arnold1978-1980district judgeAR
Samuel Swann AsheSamuel Swann Ashe1777-1795superior court judgeNC
Samuel Swann AsheSamuel Swann Ashe1777Supreme Court JusticeNC
Thomas Samuel AsheThomas Samuel Ashe1878-1887Supreme Court JusticeNC
William Augustus AtleeWilliam Augustus Atlee1777Supreme Court JusticePA
Horace AustinHorace Austin1865-1869district judgeMN6th District
Samuel Beach AxtellSamuel Beach Axtell1882-1885Supreme Court JusticeNM
Henry Titus BackusHenry Titus Backus1865-1869Supreme Court JusticeAZ
George Edmund BadgerGeorge Edmund Badger1820-1825superior court judgeNC
Blake Baker1808-1818superior court judgeNC
Briscoe Gerard Baldwin1842-1852Supreme Court JusticeVA
Henry White BaldwinHenry White Baldwin1830-1844Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Dewitt Clinton Ballou1854county judgeMOBenton Co
Sidney Miller Ballou1907-1909Supreme Court JusticeHI
Phillip Pendleton BarbourPhillip Pendleton Barbour1830-1836district judgeVAeastern district
Phillip Pendleton BarbourPhillip Pendleton Barbour1836-1841Supreme Court JusticeUSA
David Leonard Barnes1801-1812district judgeRI
Josiah BartlettJosiah Bartlett1782-1790Supreme Court JusticeNH
Thomas Welles BartleyThomas Welles Bartley1852-1859Supreme Court JusticeOH
William Bassett1710-1715superior court judgeMA
William Horn BattleWilliam Horn Battle1849-1852superior court judgeNC
William Horn BattleWilliam Horn Battle1852-1868Supreme Court JusticeNC
Horace Baxter1825-1826probate judgeVTWindham Co
Richard H. BayardRichard H. Bayard1839-1841Supreme Court JusticeDE
Robert Emmett Bledsoe BaylorRobert Emmett Bledsoe Baylor1841-1845Supreme Court JusticeTX
Thomas Henry BaylyThomas Henry Bayly1842-1844superior court judgeVA
Fernando Cortez BeamanFernando Cortez Beaman1856-1860probate judgeMILenawee Co
Fernando Cortez BeamanFernando Cortez Beaman1871-1876probate judgeMILenawee Co
Mercer Beasley1864-1897Supreme Court JusticeNJ
Gunning BedfordGunning Bedford1789-1812district judgeDE
Samuel BellSamuel Bell1816-1819Supreme Court JusticeNH
Granville Gaylord BennettGranville Gaylord Bennett1875Supreme Court JusticeSD
Milo L. Bennett1839-1849Supreme Court JusticeVT
George J. Benson1930judgecounty district
Page William Benson1960-1987district judgeKS
John BerrienJohn Berrien1764-1772Supreme Court JusticeNJ
Samuel Rossiter Betts1826-1867district judgeNYsouthern district
Francis Beverly BiddleFrancis Beverly Biddle1939-1940appeals court judgePA
Asa BiggsAsa Biggs1858-1861district judgeNC
George Azro BinghamGeorge Azro Bingham1876-1880Supreme Court JusticeNH
George Azro BinghamGeorge Azro Bingham1884-1891Supreme Court JusticeNH
George Hutchins Bingham1902-1913Supreme Court JusticeNH
George Hutchins Bingham1913-1919appeals court judgeMA
Clark BissellClark Bissell1815-1818probate judgeCTFairfield Co
Clark BissellClark Bissell1829-1839Supreme Court JusticeCT
Hugo Lafayette Black1937-1971Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Jeremiah Sullivan BlackJeremiah Sullivan Black1842-1851district judgePA
Jeremiah Sullivan BlackJeremiah Sullivan Black1851-1854Supreme Court JusticePA
John BlairJohn Blair1789-1795Supreme Court JusticeVA
Theodorick Bland1819-1824district judgeMD
Kathleen Ann BlatzKathleen Ann Blatz1996-2006Supreme Court JusticeMN
Philemon BlissPhilemon Bliss1866-1868probate judgeMOBuchanan Co
Philemon BlissPhilemon Bliss1868-1872Supreme Court JusticeMO
Henry Williams Blodgett1870-1892district judgeIL
Isaac Newton Blodgett1880-1902Supreme Court JusticeNH
David Sherman Boardman1831-1836county judgeCTLitchfield Co
William Whiting BoardmanWilliam Whiting Boardman1825-1829probate judgeCTNew Haven
William Marion BondWilliam Marion Bond1913-1928superior court judgeNC
Wood Bouldin1872-1876Supreme Court JusticeVA
Benjamin Bourne1796-1801district judgeRI
Jabez Bowen1776-1781superior court judgeRI
Jabez Bowen1781-1782Supreme Court JusticeRI
Richard Johns Bowie1861-1867Supreme Court JusticeMD
Roger Brabazon1290-1295Justice of the Kings Bench
Edward Green BradfordEdward Green Bradford1871-1884district judgeDE
Edward Green Bradford1897-1918district judgeDE
William BradfordWilliam Bradford1791-1794Supreme Court JusticePA
Sidney BreeseSidney Breese1867-1870Supreme Court JusticeIL
David Josiah BrewerDavid Josiah Brewer1889-1910Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Lincoln Flagg BrighamLincoln Flagg Brigham1869-1890superior court judgeMA
Jacob BrinkerhoffJacob Brinkerhoff1856-1871Supreme Court JusticeOH
Roeliff Brinkerhoff1897-1903probate judgeOHRichland Co
John Parran Briscoe1891-1924Supreme Court JusticeMD
William BristolWilliam Bristol1819-1826superior court judgeCT
William BristolWilliam Bristol1826-1836district judgeCT
John White BrockenbroughJohn White Brockenbrough1846-1861district judgeVAwestern district
William Brockenbrough1834-1838Supreme Court JusticeVA
Greene Carter BronsonGreene Carter Bronson1836-1847superior court judgeNY
Greene Carter BronsonGreene Carter Bronson1847-1851appeals court judgeNY
Francis Taliaferro Brooke1811-1851Supreme Court JusticeVA
Addison BrownAddison Brown1881-1901district judgeNYsouthern district
Arthur Lewis Brown1896-1927district judgeRI
Ketanji Onyika BrownKetanji Onyika Brown2013district judgeDC
Ketanji Onyika BrownKetanji Onyika Brown2022Supreme Court JusticeUSA
George Seabrook BryanGeorge Seabrook Bryan1866-1886district judgeSC
Henry Ravenscraft BryanHenry Ravenscraft Bryan1904superior court judgeNC
William Shepard Bryan1883-1898Supreme Court JusticeMD
John BuchananJohn Buchanan1806-1844Supreme Court JusticeMD
Joshua Fry BullittJoshua Fry Bullitt1861-1865appeals court judgeKY
Edward Calohil Burks1876-1883Supreme Court JusticeVA
Martin Parks Burks1917-1928Supreme Court JusticeVA
Jacob BurnetJacob Burnet1821-1828Supreme Court JusticeOH
James BurrillJames Burrill1816-1817Supreme Court JusticeRI
Nathaniel BurwellNathaniel Burwell1772county judgeVAJames City Co
Thomas Belden ButlerThomas Belden Butler1861-1873Supreme Court JusticeCT
William H. CabellWilliam H. Cabell1811-1851Supreme Court JusticeVA
Charles Codman Cabot1943-1947Supreme Court JusticeMA
John CadwaladerJohn Cadwalader1858-1879district judgePAeastern district
Miles Reynolds Cahoon1926probate judge
Edward Kernan CampbellEdward Kernan Campbell1931district judgeNY
John Archibald CampbellJohn Archibald Campbell1853-1861Supreme Court JusticeUSA
John Slaughter Candler1896-1902superior court judgeGA
John Slaughter Candler1902-1906Supreme Court JusticeGA
Charles Freeman Cantine1905-1912county judgeNYUlster Co
Peter Cantine1872-1877surrogate court judgeNYUlster Co
Benjamin Nathan CardozoBenjamin Nathan Cardozo1914-1917Supreme Court JusticeNY
Benjamin Nathan CardozoBenjamin Nathan Cardozo1917-1932appeals court judgeNY
Benjamin Nathan CardozoBenjamin Nathan Cardozo1932-1938Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Dabney Carr1824-1837Supreme Court JusticeVA
Paul CarringtonPaul Carrington1788-1807Supreme Court JusticeVA
Charles Holker Carroll1823-1829county judgeNYLivingston Co
Amos Parmalee CatlinAmos Parmalee Catlin1890-1897superior court judgeCASacramento County
Lester Lefevre CecilLester Lefevre Cecil1953-1959district judgeOH
Lester Lefevre CecilLester Lefevre Cecil1959-1982appeals court judgeUSA
Stephen James Chadwick1900-1908superior court judgeWA
Stephen James Chadwick1908-1919Supreme Court JusticeWA
John ChambersJohn Chambers1825-1827appeals court judgeKY
John Wayne ChamplinJohn Wayne Champlin1884-1891Supreme Court JusticeMI
Dudley Chase1817-1820Supreme Court JusticeVT
Jeremiah Townley ChaseJeremiah Townley Chase1808-1826Supreme Court JusticeMD
Salmon Portland ChaseSalmon Portland Chase1864-1873Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Samuel ChaseSamuel Chase1796-1811Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Andrew Gould Chatfield1853-1857Supreme Court JusticeMN
Charles Chauncey1785-1793superior court judgeCT
Benjamin ChewBenjamin Chew1774-1777Supreme Court JusticePA
William Parish ChiltonWilliam Parish Chilton1852-1856Supreme Court JusticeAL
Nathaniel Chipman1791-1793district judgeVT
Martin ChittendenMartin Chittenden1821-1823probate judge
William Gardner ChoateWilliam Gardner Choate1878-1881district judgeNYsouthern district
Harry Morris ClabaughHarry Morris Clabaugh1899-1914Supreme Court JusticeDC
Chase Addison ClarkChase Addison Clark1943-1966district judgeID
Daniel ClarkDaniel Clark1866-1891district judgeNH
Lewis Whitehouse ClarkLewis Whitehouse Clark1877-1898Supreme Court JusticeNH
Walter ClarkWalter Clark1885-1889superior court judgeNC
Walter ClarkWalter Clark1889-1924Supreme Court JusticeNC
William Clark1925-1938district judgeNJ
William Clark1938-1943appeals court judge3rd District
Clement Comer ClayClement Comer Clay1843-1843Supreme Court JusticeAL
Alphonso Trumpbour ClearwaterAlphonso Trumpbour Clearwater1890-1898county judgeNYUlster Co
Nathan Clifford1858-1881Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Sterling Robertson Cockrill1884-1893Supreme Court JusticeAR
Henry W. CollierHenry W. Collier1837-1849Supreme Court JusticeAL
Lebaron Bradford ColtLebaron Bradford Colt1881-1884district judgeRI
Lebaron Bradford ColtLebaron Bradford Colt1891-1913appeals court judgeMA
George Franklin ComstockGeorge Franklin Comstock1856-1861appeals court judgeNY
Barber Benjamin Conable1924-1952surrogate court judgeNYWyoming Co
John Strachan Conable1952-1983county judgeNYWyoming Co
Humphrey Coningsby1509-1533Justice of the Kings Bench
Alfred ConklingAlfred Conkling1825-1852district judgeNYnorthern district
Henry Groves Connor1909-1924district judgeNCEastern District
Charles Alston Cook1901-1903Supreme Court JusticeNC
Thomas McIntyre CooleyThomas McIntyre Cooley1864-1885Supreme Court JusticeMI
John Sherman Cooper1900-1924county judgeKYPulaski Co
John Sherman CooperJohn Sherman Cooper1930-1938county judgeKYPulaski Co
John Sherman CooperJohn Sherman Cooper1945-1946circuit judge
Alfred Conkling CoxeAlfred Conkling Coxe1882-1902district judgeNYnorthern district
Alfred Conkling CoxeAlfred Conkling Coxe1902-1917appeals court judgeNY
Alfred Conkling CoxeAlfred Conkling Coxe1929-1951district judgeNYsouthern district
Ranulph CreweRanulph Crewe1625-1626Chief Justice of the Kings Bench
Edwin Bryant CrockerEdwin Bryant Crocker1863-1864Supreme Court JusticeCA
George Croke1628-1641Justice of the Kings Bench
William Herman CuddebackWilliam Herman Cuddeback1916-1919appeals court judgeNY
Benjamin Robbins Curtis1851-1857Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Caleb CushingCaleb Cushing1852-1853Supreme Court JusticeMA
William CushingWilliam Cushing1790-1810Supreme Court JusticeUSA
John Paine CushmanJohn Paine Cushman1838-1844circuit judgeNY3rd Circuit
John Alfred Cuthbert1840-1852county judgeALMobile Co
John Dalrymple1688-1690Lord Justice Clerk
Francis DanaFrancis Dana1785-1806Supreme Court JusticeMA
Judah DanaJudah Dana1811-1822probate judgeMEOxford Co
Bartholomew Dandridge1779-1785Supreme Court JusticeVA
Joseph John Daniel1816superior court judgeNC
Joseph John Daniel1832-1848Supreme Court JusticeNC
Peter Vivian DanielPeter Vivian Daniel1836-1841district judgeVAeastern district
Peter Vivian DanielPeter Vivian Daniel1841-1860Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Charles Davis1899-1908surrogate court judgeNYUlster Co
David DavisDavid Davis1862-1877Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Luther DayLuther Day1865-1875Supreme Court JusticeOH
Robert Henry DayRobert Henry Day1923-1933Supreme Court JusticeOH
Sandra DaySandra Day1979-1981appeals court judgeAZ
Sandra DaySandra Day1981-2006Supreme Court JusticeUSA
William Rufus DayWilliam Rufus Day1899-1903appeals court judge
William Rufus DayWilliam Rufus Day1903-1922Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Westbrook Schoonmaker Decker1869-1873county judgeILKankakee Co
Westbrook Schoonmaker Decker1887-1891district judgeCO
John Henry Denison1919-1929Supreme Court JusticeCO
John Upshur Dennis1887-1907circuit judgeMDBaltimore City
Daniel DeweyDaniel Dewey1814-1815Supreme Court JusticeMA
David Miller DeWittDavid Miller DeWitt1885-1886surrogate court judgeNYUlster Co
Martin Weld Deyo1940-1951Supreme Court JusticeNY6th District
Robert Paine Dick1868-1872Supreme Court JusticeNC
Robert Paine Dick1872-1898district judgeNC
Mahlon DickersonMahlon Dickerson1840-1841district judgeNJ
George Washington Dobbin1867-1882circuit judgeMDBaltimore City
John Robert Donnell1819-1837superior court judgeNC
James Rood DoolittleJames Rood Doolittle1853-1856circuit judgeWI
Clement Dorsey1832-1846district judgeMD
Thomas Beale Dorsey1824-1851Supreme Court JusticeMD
Walter Dorsey1817-1823Supreme Court JusticeMD
Jacob Johnston Doty1836-1840probate judgeMSYalobusha Co
Lockwood R. Doty1914-1928judge
Robert Martin Douglas1896-1904Supreme Court JusticeNC
Stephen Arnold DouglasStephen Arnold Douglas1841-1843Supreme Court JusticeIL
William Drayton1789-1790district judgeSC
William Drayton1789Supreme Court JusticeSC
Thomas Drummond1850-1855district judgeIL
James DuaneJames Duane1789-1794district judgeNY
Gabriel DuvallGabriel Duvall1811-1835Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Henry Dwight1722-1723county judgeMAHampshire Co
Josiah Dwight1749-1750county judgeMAHampshire Co
Timothy Dwight1748-1761county judgeMAHampshire Co
Richard Tilghman Earle1809-1834Supreme Court JusticeMD
Ira Allen Eastman1855-1859Supreme Court JusticeNH
Samuel EddySamuel Eddy1827-1835Supreme Court JusticeRI
Benjamin S. EdwardsBenjamin S. Edwards1869-1870circuit judge
Pierpont EdwardsPierpont Edwards1806-1826district judgeCT
Thomas Nathaniel EdwardsThomas Nathaniel Edwards1796district judgeSC
Thomas Nathaniel EdwardsThomas Nathaniel Edwards1799district judgeSC
Samuel Hitt ElbertSamuel Hitt Elbert1879-1883Supreme Court JusticeCO
William ElleryWilliam Ellery1785-1786Supreme Court JusticeRI
Henry Thomas Ellett1865-1868Supreme Court JusticeMS
John Milton ElliottJohn Milton Elliott1876-1879Supreme Court JusticeKY
Powhatan EllisPowhatan Ellis1832-1836district judgeMS
Oliver EllsworthOliver Ellsworth1796-1800Supreme Court JusticeUSA
William Wolcott EllsworthWilliam Wolcott Ellsworth1847-1861Supreme Court JusticeCT
Roscoe Van Aken Elsworth1945-1969Supreme Court JusticeNY
Hamilton Glover EwartHamilton Glover Ewart1897-1898superior court judgeNC12th Judicial District
Hamilton Glover EwartHamilton Glover Ewart1898-1899district judgeNCWestern District
Hamilton Glover EwartHamilton Glover Ewart1899-1900district judgeNCWestern District
Ephraim Brevard Ewing1859-1861Supreme Court JusticeMO
Thomas EwingThomas Ewing1861-1862Supreme Court JusticeKS
Albert Bacon Fall1893Supreme Court JusticeNM
John Fassett1778-1785Supreme Court JusticeVT
Thomas Turner Fauntleroy1883-1895Supreme Court JusticeVA
Jonas Fay1781-1783Supreme Court JusticeVT
Edward Fenner1590-1612Justice of the Kings Bench
Richard Stockton FieldRichard Stockton Field1863-1870district judgeNJ
Stephen Johnson FieldStephen Johnson Field1859-1863Supreme Court JusticeCA
Stephen Johnson FieldStephen Johnson Field1863-1897Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Edward Ridley FinchEdward Ridley Finch1915-1934Supreme Court JusticeNY
William Alexander Fisher1882-1886circuit judgeMDBaltimore City
James Fisk1815-1816Supreme Court JusticeVT
Thomas Fitch1718-1719superior court judgeMA
Charles Eugene FlandrauCharles Eugene Flandrau1857-1864Supreme Court JusticeMN
Richard Floyd1723county judgeNYSuffolk Co
Alonzo Dillard FolgerAlonzo Dillard Folger1937superior court judgeNC
Martin Dewey FollettMartin Dewey Follett1883-1887Supreme Court JusticeOH
Elial Todd FooteElial Todd Foote1823-1843county judgeNYChautauqua Co
James Christie Forsyth1841county judgeNYUlster Co
Walter Forward1851district judgePA
Carlton H. Foster1893superior court judgeCT
Lafayette Sabine FosterLafayette Sabine Foster1870-1876Supreme Court JusticeCT
Daniel Gould FowleDaniel Gould Fowle1866superior court judgeNC
Charles A. Fowler1868-1872surrogate court judgeNYUlster Co
Joseph Millspaugh Fowler1918-1930county judgeNYUlster Co
Walter Francis FrearWalter Francis Frear1893-1907Supreme Court JusticeHI
George Gross Freer1869-1878county judgeNYSchuyler Co
Richard French1829circuit judge
Jonas GalushaJonas Galusha1800-1806county judgeVTBennington Co
Jonas GalushaJonas Galusha1807-1808Supreme Court JusticeVT
Hamilton Rowan Gamble1850-1855Supreme Court JusticeMO
John Mackall Gantt1806-1811Supreme Court JusticeMD
Abraham Quick "Abram" Garretson1900-1907Supreme Court JusticeNJ
Thomas Gawdy1574-1588Justice of the Kings Bench
James GeddesJames Geddes1809common pleas judgeNY
James Watson GerardJames Watson Gerard1907-1911Supreme Court JusticeNY
William Yates GholsonWilliam Yates Gholson1859-1863Supreme Court JusticeOH
Duncan Chapin Gibb1974-1980circuit judge
Elias GilmanElias Gilman1871probate judgeCTWinsted
Robert Gilmor1867-1882circuit judgeMDBaltimore City
John Lyles GlennJohn Lyles Glenn1929-1938appeals court judgeSC
John Lyles GlennJohn Lyles Glenn1929-1938judgeUS District Court SC
Nathan Goff1892-1913appeals court judge4th Circuit
Nathan Gold1712Supreme Court JusticeCT
Brice John GoldsboroughBrice John Goldsborough1835-1851county judgeMDDorchester Co
Brice John GoldsboroughBrice John Goldsborough1860-1867Supreme Court JusticeMD
Thomas Alan Goldsborough1939-1951Supreme Court JusticeDC
John Lancaster Goodwyn1951-1968Supreme Court JusticeAL
John Gorham1711-1714superior court judgeMAJustice of the Court of Common Pleas
Neil McGill GorsuchNeil McGill Gorsuch2006-2017appeals court judgeUSA
Neil McGill GorsuchNeil McGill Gorsuch2017Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Jacobus James GouldJacobus James Gould1816-1819Supreme Court JusticeCT
Miles Tobey GrangerMiles Tobey Granger1876-1887Supreme Court JusticeCT
Barzillai Gray1859-1862probate judgeKSWyandotte Co
Horace GrayHorace Gray1864-1882Supreme Court JusticeMA
Horace GrayHorace Gray1882-1902Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Henry GreenHenry Green1879-1900Supreme Court JusticePA
William Greene1777-1778Supreme Court JusticeRI
Robert Cooper GrierRobert Cooper Grier1846-1870Supreme Court JusticeUSA
Roger Griswold1808-1809Supreme Court JusticeCT
Ignatius Cooper GrubbIgnatius Cooper Grubb1886-1909Supreme Court JusticeDE