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Painters, Sculptors, and other Artists (378)

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Subject/Book Birth-Death  Painter/Sculptor TypeImage
Edward Payson Abbe1827-1897 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitEdward Payson Abbe
John Adams Jr.1735-1826 John Trumbull PortraitJohn Adams Jr.
John Quincy Adams1767-1848 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitJohn Quincy Adams
Samuel Adams1722-1803 John Singleton Copley PortraitSamuel Adams
Albert Alden1817-1890 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitAlbert Alden
James Sidney Allen1831-1915 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitJames Sidney Allen
Franklin Ames1806-1881 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitFranklin Ames
Thomas Amory1722-1784 John Singleton Copley PortraitThomas Amory
Susan Bronwell Anthony1820-1906 Sarah Adelaide Johnson SculptureSusan Bronwell Anthony
John Armstrong1758-1843 Rembrandt Peale PortraitJohn Armstrong
John Jacob Astor1763-1848 John Wesley Jarvis PortraitJohn Jacob Astor
Pauline Astor1880-1972 John Singer Sargent PortraitPauline Astor
William Babbitt1817-1900 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitWilliam Babbitt
Alexander Dallas Bache1806-1867 Henry Hobson Richardson SculptureAlexander Dallas Bache
William Bainbridge1774-1833 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitWilliam Bainbridge
Charles Edward Balch1834-1884 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitCharles Edward Balch
John Barry1745-1803 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitJohn Barry
Rachel Bartholomew1793-1833 James Alexander Simpson PortraitRachel Bartholomew
Ivory Hovey Bartlett1794-1871 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitIvory Hovey Bartlett
William Bartram1739-1823 Charles Willson Peale PortraitWilliam Bartram
Abijence Waldo Bassett1819-1903 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitAbijence Waldo Bassett
Joseph Arthur Beauvais1824-1899 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitJoseph Arthur Beauvais
Gunning Bedford1747-1812 Charles Willson Peale PortraitGunning Bedford
Perry Belmont1851-1947 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitPerry Belmont
Edmund Hatch Bennett1824-1898 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitEdmund Hatch Bennett
Thomas Hart Benton1782-1858 Alexander Doyle SculptureThomas Hart Benton
Horace Binney1780-1875 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitHorace Binney
David Bell Birney1825-1864 Lee Oscar Lawrie SculptureDavid Bell Birney
William Blackstone1723-1780 Paul Wayland Bartlett SculptureWilliam Blackstone
Francis Preston Blair1821-1876 Alexander Doyle SculptureFrancis Preston Blair
Joseph Bloomfield1753-1823 Charles Willson Peale PortraitJoseph Bloomfield
Elijah Boardman1760-1823 Ralph Earl PortraitElijah Boardman
Jérôme Bonaparte1784-1860 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitJérôme Bonaparte
Edwin Booth1833-1893 John Singer Sargent PortraitEdwin Booth
Cook Borden1810-1880 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitCook Borden
Jonathan Bourne1811-1889 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitJonathan Bourne
John Boyd1799-1881 John Chester Buttre PortraitJohn Boyd
Albert Porter Bradstreet1846-1923 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitAlbert Porter Bradstreet
Catherine Brass1736-1797 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitCatherine Brass
Rebecca Brewton1737-1815 Jeremiah Theus PortraitRebecca Brewton
Lincoln Flagg Brigham1819-1895 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitLincoln Flagg Brigham
Leonard Bronck1751-1828 Ezra Ames PortraitLeonard Bronck
John Brooks1752-1825 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitJohn Brooks
Obed Brooks1781-1856 Leopold Grozelier PortraitObed Brooks
William Jennings Bryan1860-1925 Rudulph Evans SculptureWilliam Jennings Bryan
Henry Wadhams Buell1820-1893 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitHenry Wadhams Buell
Aaron Burr1756-1836 John Vanderlyn PortraitAaron Burr
Elizabeth Cady1815-1902 Sarah Adelaide Johnson SculptureElizabeth Cady
Cecilius Calvert1605-1675 Florence MacKubin PortraitCecilius Calvert
George Benedict Calvert1768-1838 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitGeorge Benedict Calvert
Leonard Calvert1606-1647 Florence MacKubin PortraitLeonard Calvert
George Carey1546-1603 Nicholas Hilliard PortraitGeorge Carey
Everett Augustus Carpenter1835-1899 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitEverett Augustus Carpenter
John Carroll1735-1815 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitJohn Carroll
Lewis Cass1782-1866 Daniel Chester French SculptureLewis Cass
Franklin H. Catlin1841-1912 Henry Bryan Hall PortraitFranklin H. Catlin
Samuel Chandler1735-1790 Winthrop Chandler PortraitSamuel Chandler
Elizabeth Astor Winthrop Chanler1866-1937 John Singer Sargent PortraitElizabeth Astor Winthrop Chanler
John Lyman Chatfield1826-1863 George Edwin Bissell SculptureJohn Lyman Chatfield
Isaac Chauncey1772-1840 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitIsaac Chauncey
Person Colby Cheney1828-1901 Samuel S. Sartain PortraitPerson Colby Cheney
Thomas John Claggett1743-1816 John Wesley Jarvis PortraitThomas John Claggett
Cyrus Earl Clark1796-1884 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitCyrus Earl Clark
Daniel Clark1809-1891 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitDaniel Clark
Lewis Whitehouse Clark1828-1900 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitLewis Whitehouse Clark
William Clark1770-1838 Charles Willson Peale PortraitWilliam Clark
Charles Warren Clifford1844-1923 Samuel S. Sartain PortraitCharles Warren Clifford
George Clifford1558-1605 Nicholas Hilliard PortraitGeorge Clifford
John Henry Clifford1809-1876 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitJohn Henry Clifford
DeWitt Clinton1769-1828 Rembrandt Peale PortraitDeWitt Clinton
DeWitt Clinton1769-1828 Henry Kirke Brown SculptureDeWitt Clinton
George Clinton1739-1812 Ezra Ames PortraitGeorge Clinton
George Clinton1739-1812 Henry Kirke Brown SculptureGeorge Clinton
Lucien Bonaparte Clough1823-1895 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitLucien Bonaparte Clough
George Clymer1739-1813 Charles Willson Peale PortraitGeorge Clymer
Elijah Cobb1768-1848 John Henry Bufford PortraitElijah Cobb
Lucretia Coffin1793-1880 Sarah Adelaide Johnson SculptureLucretia Coffin
Christopher Columbus1450-1506 Lorado Zadok Taft Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus1450-1506 Lorado Zadok Taft SculptureChristopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus1450-1506 Lorado Zadok Taft Christopher Columbus
Marshall Conant1801-1873 Frederick T. Stuart PortraitMarshall Conant
Charles Magill Conrad1804-1878 Daniel Huntington PortraitCharles Magill Conrad
James Fenimore Cooper1789-1851 John Wesley Jarvis PortraitJames Fenimore Cooper
William Cooper1754-1809 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitWilliam Cooper
Nathan Copeland1805-1880 John Angel James Wilcox PortraitNathan Copeland
Pardon Copeland1803-1882 John Angel James Wilcox PortraitPardon Copeland
John Singleton Copley1738-1815 John Singleton Copley PortraitJohn Singleton Copley
William Wallace Crapo1830-1926 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitWilliam Wallace Crapo
William Harris Crawford1772-1834 John Wesley Jarvis PortraitWilliam Harris Crawford
Edward Crocker1814-1892 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitEdward Crocker
George Oliver Crocker1814-1887 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitGeorge Oliver Crocker
Oliver Crocker1788-1878 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitOliver Crocker
Richard Cromwell1749-1802 Charles Peale Polk PortraitRichard Cromwell
David Cross1817-1914 Alexander Hay Ritchie PortraitDavid Cross
Isaiah Crowell1779-1864 John Henry Bufford PortraitIsaiah Crowell
Andrew Gregg Curtin1815-1894 William Clark Noble SculptureAndrew Gregg Curtin
Eleanor Parke "Nelly" Custis1779-1852 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitEleanor Parke Nelly Custis
John Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren1809-1870 George Edwin Bissell SculptureJohn Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren
George Mifflin Dallas1792-1864 Henry Jackson Ellicott SculptureGeorge Mifflin Dallas
Martha Macon Dandridge1731-1802 Gilbert Charles Stuart PortraitMartha Macon Dandridge