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Joseph W. Binney1837 -- 30 JUN 1898avatar
Anne Eliza Conklin1844 -- 19 NOV 1914avatar

Edwin Binney

Edwin3 Binney

Birth24 NOV 18663
Death17 DEC 19343
Aged: 68.1 years

Edwin Binney and his cousin C. Harold Smith inherited a pigment business in 1885 from Edwin's father Joseph. The cousins formed a partnership and called their company Binney & Smith. Early products include red oxide pigment used in barn paint and carbon black for car tires. The company began producing slate school pencils in 1900 in a mill located along the Bushkill Creek, approximately 1 mile upstream from the 13th Street Bridge.

The company produced the first box of eight Crayola® crayons in 1903, selling for a nickel. The Pigment Division was sold in 1955 and the company focused on its art materials business. In 1978, the company moved the bulk of its Pennsylvania-based manufacturing from its existing facilities along Bushkill Creek... Read More

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  • Edwin Binney, Charles Smith
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