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Norman Williams3 Bingham

Birth19 MAY 18293
Death23 FEB 19053
Aged: 75.8 years
Norman Williams Bingham was born in Derby, Vt., May 19, 1829, and educated in the public schools and in the academies at Derby and St. Johnsbury, Vt. He studied law at Irasburgh, and in 1855 was appointed Clerk of Orleans County Court, and thus became ex-officio Clerk of the Supreme Court and the Court of Chancery as well. During the war for the Union he held several important places of trust, both State and national, and his services were of great value to the country.

In 1866 he was made special agent for the United States Treasury Department, and three years later was placed in charge of the customs revenue district of New England, comprising 32 collection districts. He held this important position till 1885, and discharged its arduous and exacting duties with great ability and fearless independence. His experience and influence led to the modification and improvement of the customs laws and to a marked increase in the efficiency of that department of public service. He was offered other positions of great responsibility under the government, but for personal or family reasons declined them.

Mr. Bingham removed to Somerville in 1869, and has always been influential in furthering the interests of the city. He was elected to the School Board in 1880 and served without interruption for 15 years. His labors in connection with schools have been marked by a discriminating regard for their interests and by constant effort to secure their advancement. No more emphatic recognition of the value of his services, and no stronger evidence of appreciation could be given than the act of the City Government in naming the school on Lowell street, erected in 1886 and enlarged in 1894, the Bingham School, in perpetuation of his name and memory.


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