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Luther V. Bell

Luther Vose6 Bell

Birth2 DEC 18066
Brunswick, Bowdoin College
Hanover, Dartmouth College
Org.1837-1855MA, Belmont, McLean Insane Asylum, Supt
Death12 FEB 18626
Aged: 55.2 years
Luther V. Bell, M. D., LL. D,, was born in Chester, N. H., December 20, 1806. He was graduated from Bowdoin College before he had finished his seventeenth year. He received his medical degree from the Hanover Medical School. He early distinguished himself in the practice of his profession, particularly in surgery and in the treatment of the insane.

In January, 1837, he entered upon his duties as Superintendent of the McLean Asylum for the Insane, and for 20 years conducted the institution with rare ability and success. He was everywhere acknowleged as an authority on all questions connected with his profession.

He was always interested in whatever affected the welfare of Somerville, and was chairman of the School Board from 1843 to 1847. In 1850 he was a member of the Executive Council, in 1852 a candidate for Congress, and in 1856 for the office of Governor.

In 1856, in consequence of failing health, he retired from the McLean Asylum, and thenceforward resided in Charlestown.

In 1861, animated by an intense love of country, notwithstanding his feeble health, he offered his services to the State, and was commissioned as surgeon of the 11th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers. He engaged immediately in active service, being soon promoted to the post of Brigade Surgeon, and finally to that of Division Surgeon. As a result of exposure and the rigors of the service, after a brief illness, he died February 11, 1862.

"Thus, quietly and without ostentation, a life devoted to the cause of humanity and science was beautifully finished by a death in the service of his country."

By vote of the School Board on March 1, 1862, the primary school on Cherry street was named the L. V. Bell School in his memory.

In 1867 this school was closed, and in 1874 the school on Vinal avenue was named the Luther V. Bell School in his honor.

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  • Hanover, Dartmouth
  • Bowdoin College
  • Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital

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