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Evangelina Cosio Y Cisneros

Birth23 SEP 1877
Death29 APR 1970
Aged: 92.6 years
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  • Newspaper, 10 OCT 1897: "Applaud the Deed: Citizens Rejoice Over the Valiant Rescue; Unanimous Opinions Expressed in Different Ways,' .... MISS MARY McGLADERY [Mary McGladery] (San Francisco Ladies' Protection and Relief Society) The women of America sympathized thoroughly with Miss Cisneros [Evangelina Cosio Y Cisneros]. When She was in distress and danger; they can now as thoroughly rejoice with her. She has escaped. She owes it to the loyalty of Americans toward the oppressed."
    -- "The San Francisco Examiner," 10 OCT 1897, SUN, p. 14.
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