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Sir Thomas Fludd, MP

Thomas Fludd was baptized as Thomas Lloyd
Occup1593England Member of Parliament
Flag of
He left a Will
Aged: 72.4 years
I had written the influence of his son Dr. Robert Fludd reference as the Father of modern Freemasons in the Masonic Dictionary.  A distinguished writer in the London Freemasons Magazine (April, 1858, page 677), who says that "Fludd must be considered as the immediate father of Freemasonry as Andrea was its remote father." but it has been replaced by a David Conrad.  See Fludd's  work to the right side of the page.

Fludd is a Welsh or English translation for the Latin word Flaidd from "House of Rhirid Flaidd" meaning bloody or red wolf.
Sir Thomas Fludd was Queen Elizabeth's treasurer for war in Europe, Member of Parliament,and is related to Queen Elizabeth by way of Gwenllian verch Rhirid Flaidd though the Tudor line.

Member of Parliament for Maidstone 1st term 1593 with Levin Bufkin, 2nd term 9-27-1597 with John Leveson, 3rd term 10-2-1601 with John Levesin and succeded by Lawrence Washington an ancestor of President George Washington.  The story goes that Lawrence Washington rented a house and just used the coat of arms that were on a window of the house.  Lawrence Washington did not have a coat of arms, but he used stars and bars arms and George Washington used the same and that is were we get our US Flag design from. These windows, with the coat of arms of George Washington’s ancestors, were in Sulgrave Manor in England for several centuries. President Washington descended seventh in line from Laurence Washington, who bought the manor from King Henry VIII in 1539.  In, 1538 St Andrew's Priory was suppressed in the Dissolution of the Monasteries and surrendered all its estates to the Crown

The Robb Haas pages for Edward Foulke and the Lloyd web sites give an insight as of who is in the Floyd line plus the fact that Sir Thomas Fludd was baptized as Thomas Lloyd shows that the Floyd line came from the Lloyd line. The spelling and changes from Welsh to English and the fact that there were no last names until the poll tax. Early genealogist knew the line of David Fludd ca 1485- connects with the line of Rhirid Flaidd ap Gwrgeneu 1145-1207; but could not add in the names so they just added a note that the line was connected. Later researchers took the note as a direct link but it was not direct; there are many generations left out. Now we can add the missing generations thanks to The History of Powys Fadog, Lloyd of Maes Mochnant, Vol. 4 pages 359-362.

Lady Elizabeth Andrews

Aged: 56.1 years
Her son Doctor Robert Fludd is the father of Freemasonry acording to the Masonic Dictionary on Rosicrucians & Freemasonary, first to publish that blood circulated in the body and was in the group that translated the Holly Bible to English for King James. 

Some of today's researchers do not relate to the constrains he had to work under because they now live under a country that his later followers the Sons of Liberty help create.  He did not have freedoms we now take for granted.

Masonic Dictionary.com Rosicrucins & Freemasonry:

At the beginning of the seventeenth century many learned heads in England were occupied with Theosophy, Cabbalism and Alchemy. Among these was Robert Fludd. It was he, no doubt, who in 1629 wrote "Summum Bonum" and must be considered as the immediate father of Freemasonry as Andrea was its remote father.

It is not recorded how Fludd secured his first acquaintance with Rosicrucianism but it is probable that he acquired it from his friend Maier with whom he corresponded after the latter left England. At all events he must have been interested in Rosicrucianism at an early period for he published an apology for it in 1617.

The first question which naturally arises is why Fludd dropped the name of Rosicrucian. The reason in brief was this. His apology for the Rosicrucians was attacked by the celebrated Father Mersenne. To this Fludd replied in two witty but coarse books entitled "Summum Bonum" and "Sophiae cum Moria certamen." In answer to the question, "Where the Rosicrucians resided," Fludd replied: "In the house of God, where Christ is the corner stone." Then he explained the symbols of the Rose and the Cross in a new sense, as meaning the cross sprinkled with the rosy blood of Christ.

Mersenne, being no match for Fludd, Gassendi, in 1630, published a rejoinder in which he analyzed and ridiculed Fludd's principles in general and in particular reproached him for his belief in the highly romantic legend of the Rosicrucians.

Fludd was hard pressed under his conscious inability to assign their place of abode and in 1633, in his answer to Gassendi, evaded the question by formally withdrawing the name Rosicrucian.

A collage of 12 Coats of Arms of Fludd ancestors are shown in the painting above his right shoulder.  Most people could not read but identified the tribe they were in by the coat of arms.

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Peter Thomas 

15501634  England Alice Woodard 


1563  England, Kent, Bearsted Jane Sonds 


15651612  England, Kent, Otham Catherine Bufkin 


1567  England, Kent, Bearsted Nicholas Gylborne 

Nicholas "Washington link" 

1568  England, Kent, Canterbury Elizabeth Andrews 


1568  England, Kent, Canterbury  


6-18-1570  England, Kent, Bearsted  


1/17/15749/8/1637  England, Kent, Bearsted, Migate House  


1576  England, Kent, Bearsted  


11-25-1576  England, Kent, Bearsted  


8-31-1578  England, Kent, Bearsted  


12-5-15795-19-1642  England, Kent, Bearsted Thomas Lunsford 


1580  England, Kent, Bearsted Henry Bufkin 


1588  England, Kent, Bearsted  


1591  England, Kent, Bearsted Mary ___ 
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  • Rhirid Flaidd Arms4
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