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Edwin Hubble

Edwin Powell Hubble

Birth20 NOV 1889
bachelor of science degree
Chicago, University of Chicago
Bachelor's degree, one of the university's first Rhodes Scholars
PhD. dissertation "Photographic Investigations of Faint Nebulae"
Chicago, University of Chicago
USA Army / Lieutenant Colonel / World War I
Death28 SEP 1953
Aged: 63.9 years
In 1924, that astronomer Edwin Hubble announced his discovery of the first galaxy outside our Milky Way.  Hubble's work set the stage for the future development of the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe.[15] 

Buried in Switzerland.

In 1990, a new telescope was launched; built to orbit the Earth and take photographs and measurements deep into the reaches of the universe, it was called the Hubble Space Telescope


Newcomb Cleveland Prize in 1924;
Bruce Medal in 1938;
Franklin Medal in 1939;
Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1940;
Legion of Merit for outstanding contribution to ballistics research in 1946;

Named after him

Asteroid 2069 Hubble;
The crater Hubble on the Moon;
Orbiting Hubble Space Telescope;
Edwin P. Hubble Planetarium, located in the Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn, NY.;
Edwin Hubble Highway, the stretch of Interstate 44 passing through his birthplace of Marshfield, Missouri;

Other notable appearances

Hall of Famous Missourians 2003;
2008 "American Scientists" US stamp series, $0.41.

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