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James Scollay Whitney + Laurinda CollinsHenry B. Payne + Mary Perry
William Collins Whitney5 JUL 1841 -- 2 FEB 1904avatar
Flora Payne25 JAN 1842 -- 4 FEB 1893avatar


Willard Dickerman Straight

Birth31 JAN 1880
Ithaca, Cornell University
Org.1914 The New Republic, Founder
Death1 DEC 1918
Aged: 38.8 years

Dorothy Payne Whitney

Birth23 JAN 1887
Org.1914 The New Republic, Founder
Death14 DEC 1968
Aged: 81.9 years

This is the site where Blagden and Argyle mills once stood, two of the twenty-six mills that once flourished along Rock Creek. If you look close, you can still see part of the millrace and the mill road. The exact date of the construction of these mills is unknown, but the mills were in operation during the early 1800's. Stones used in the construction of the mill were quarried on the east bank of the Rock Creek Valley across from the mill. Thomas Blagden, a prominent Washington businessman owned the mills. Blagden's Mill, a 2 1/2 story structure, contained three millstones for grinding wheat, rye, and corn. Argyle, a smaller mill, ground animal bones for the production of fertilizer. The mills ceased operation in 1889. The millseat was forty-seven... Read More

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Whitney Willard 

6 NOV 19125 APR 1979  NY, New York Co, New York City  

Beatrice Whitney 

2 AUG 19147 APR 2001  NY, Nassau Co, Old Westbury Peter Cookson, Louis Dolivet 

Michael Whitney 

1 SEP 19164 JAN 2004  NY, New York Co, New York City Belinda Booth Crompton, Nina Gore Auchincloss 
Pics & Attach-
  • Blagden/Argyle Mill
  • Parrott Mill
  • Albert Eldridge
  • William Whittlesey
  • Kurt Mentzel
  • Charles Becker
  • Russell Paylor
  • Julian Pollard
  • Random Hickman
  • Samuel Deckman
  • George Barnes
  • Dartington
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