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Stephen Arnold Douglas + Sarah Fisk
Stephen Arnold Douglas23 APR 1813 -- 3 JUN 1861avatar
Martha Martinabt 1827 -- 19 JAN 1853avatar
Robert Paine Dick5 OCT 1823 -- 12 SEP 1898avatar
Mary Eloise AdamsAUG 1830 -- 27 JUL 1916avatar


Robert Martin Douglas

Birth28 JAN 1849
Georgetown University
NC Supreme Court Justice
Flag of North Carolina
Aged: 67.9 years

Robert Martin Douglas was born January 28, 1849, at Douglas, North Carolina, the home of his maternal grandparents in Rockingham County, and owing to the early death of his parents he was reared largely by his grandmother, Mrs. Martin, on the plantation in that county. Thus the most concise sketch of his career is found in the memorial resolutions adopted by the Bar of Guilford County, from which the following extracts are made:

He was educated at Georgetown University, from which he was graduated in 1867 A. B., A. M. in 1870, and in 1897 his alma mater conferred upon him the degree LL. D. In 1868, at the age of nineteen, he was made private secretary to Governor Holden of North Carolina, and a year later, while still under twenty-one, was... Read More

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