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Alexander Martin (1740-1807) NC History Project

Governor Alexander Martin

Birth10 NOV 1740
Flag of North Carolina
HistoryMay-Sep 1787
Constitutional Convention, 1787
Delegate who left without signing
American History
Flag of North Carolina
Flag of North Carolina
Death10 NOV 1807
Aged: 67 years

Born in New Jersey in 1740, Alexander Martin was a North Carolinian politician and delegate to the Federal Constitutional Convention. Aside from his role in the Constitutional Convention, Martin witnessed several significant chapters in colonial and early U.S. history, including the Regulator Rebellion, the Revolutionary War, and the North Carolina ratification debates.

Martin held bachelor's and master's degrees from Princeton University (then called the College of New Jersey), making him one of the most erudite delegates to the Constitutional Convention. After graduating from Princeton, Martin moved to Salisbury, North Carolina. There he worked first as a merchant and later as an attorney. As his legal career took shape, the Regulator Rebellion... Read More

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