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Samuel Pinckney Walker + Lucy Jacob Byrne
Theodore (Captain Charlie) Johnson + Bertha Cecelia (Miss Bertha) Herrer
Thomas Alfred (Tom) Walker26 MAR 1875 -- 6 NOV 1938avatar
Bertha Theodora (Birdie) Johnson7 JUN 1876 -- 11 OCT 1927avatar


Fred Pacheck

Birth1 SEP 1904
Death16 JAN 1991
Cause: cancer
Aged: 86.4 years
Fred was born on Sept. 1, 1904 in Czechoslovakia. He grew up in Shriner, Texas. His family moved to Danbury when Fred was in elementary.

Fred married Lorena Walker on March 4, 1946, at the age of 41, Lorena was 40.

Fred always liked sports. He would go to Houston to watch the Houston Oilers or to see professional boxing matches. When he couldn't make it to the event, he would be watching it on TV. He was also on a bowling team.

Fred owned and operated the Texaco station in Danbury, which was the first full service station. Later he owned and operated Fred's Firestone Store.

Fred told really good, scary ghost stories!!
Dennis eating watermalon with the aunts

Lorena Marguerite (Reenie) Walker

Birth26 MAR 1905
Death13 OCT 1981
Aged: 76.6 years
No Children
Lorena Marguerite Walker was born on March 26, 1905 in Falkner, Texas. Her nickname was Reenie. She was one of two girls in her graduating class. After graduating she had many varied jobs. Summers were normally spent at Palacious, Texas, which was on Matagorda Bay. She taught high school in Liverpool, Texas. She also taught elementary in San Diego, Texas. Lorena also worked at McBride's post office and grocery store. She also worked at Jerry, Otto, and Joe Vselka's grocery store. She finally went to work at the First National Bank of Angleton, where she worked for 30 years as a teller. She later became secretary to the President of the bank, Mr. Boston. She was the organist at the St. Anthony's catholic church in Danbury, Texas. After retiring from the bank, she and her sister Millie spent many years volunteering at the Angleton-Danbury Hospital in Angleton, Texas. They also were members of The Ladies Auxiliary of the Danbury Volunteer Fire Department in Danbury, Texas. At this time, Reenie took up painting. She turned out to be a very talented artist. She also had beautiful penmanship and did a lot of sewing. Lorena married Fred Pachek on March 4, 1946 at the age of 40. Fred was 41. They did not have any children. Later in life, Reenie didn't like to go far from home. One day, she went with other family members to visit some family vacationing at Surfside beach, near Freeport, Texas. When they got to the large bridge that crosses the Intercoastal canal, she told them she had to go home because she forgot and left the iron on. She did cross the bridge that day. Reenie loved to have any family visit. She always asked when we were coming back to visit on our way out of the house. She died of a heart attack on October 31, 1981, at the age of 69. At that time she was the first Walker to make it to that age.
Pics & Attach-
  • Fred's Firestone
  • Mickey, Lucy, Bertha, Roger, Ted, Millie, & Lorena
  • Ted, Roger, Mickey, Lorena, Millie, Lucy, Bertha
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