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Jonas Olsson Ehn + Brita Jansdotter
Johan "Jan" Roberg + Christina Olsdotter Grip
Jens Peter Jensen + Karen Rasmusdatter
Johan Gotfred John + Caroline Emilie Reiersen
Rasmus Jensen17 AUG 1852 -- 30 MAY 1942avatar
Emma Emelie John11 MAR 1850 -- 28 JUN 1892avatar
Marriage21 JAN 191418
married at the Salvation Army #2 Corps by Brig. George Wold

CharlesSholin 1914_c

Sgt. Maj. Charles "Charlie"2 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Sholin2 4 5 6 7 9 10 12 13 14 15 17
Carl Jonsson Sjölin

Birth30 DEC 18714 5 6 7 11 12 13 14 15 16
In Hälsingland, birth name: Karl Jonsson
Emigrate10 OCT 18845 6 7 11 16
Destination, "Clay Center, U.S.A."
Immigrate28 OCT 18844
On the ship, "Servia" with his parents and younger brother, Edvard4
C. Shalen, living with father, mother & youngest brother in the household of his uncle, Andrew Printz
USA Army / Corporal / Spanish American War
Flag of United States
USA Army / Sergeant / Philippine American War
Flag of United States
Resideabt 1899/19065 6 7
Worked for Anda St. Police Dept., Manila, P.I. after release from U.S. military
Fremont Hotel. Worked in a sawmill from 1 Oct 1906 until he quit on 22 Oct 1906.
Tag1906 laborer
2460 13th Avenue; Occupation: Teamster
Tag1907 teamster
Hutchinson Company
Religionaft 1910
Sargeant Major, a lay position
Resided at 314 6th; Occupation: Teamster (Driver)
Naturalization. Born in Sweden
14A Moss Street; Office assistant, Salvation Army
Resided with Nellie Sholin at 14a Moss: Occupation: manufacturer
Age: 57; Married; Head of household; Occupation: Cabinet maker, wood
Reside19405 6 7  
55 Lapidge Street: with wife; wife's father; son; daughter & her husband & sons5 6 7
Death22 DEC 194215
Grave26 DEC 1942
Palm Mound, Salvation Army section, Lot 110, grave 156
Aged: 71 years

Charles Sholin was born Karl Jonsson, son of Johann Jonsson Sjölin. After coming to America, he began to use an Americanized version of his father's Swedish soldier-name, Sjölin, and was known as Charles Sholin thereafter.

Charles served in the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American War, both in Cuba and in the Philippines. He served as a member of the Manila Police Department for several years after his honorable discharge from the Army at the rank of Sergeant.

A religious man, he joined The Salvation Army in San Francisco, California, and remained a faithful soldier of that organization all his life. His headstone reads, "Sergeant Major Charles Sholin," which is a Salvation Army non-commissioned offer rank.

Charlie had his own manufacturing business at which he made wooden goods, such as scrubbing boards, folding chairs and ironing boards. He designed and built some rather elaborate equipment for that business, including crimping machine for the metal part of his scrubbing boards. He even obtained a patent for his invention of a mountable scrub board.

Unfortunately for him, the washing machine was just coming into use at that time, which did away with the need for the mountable scrub board. Still, his capacity for building things himself and coming up with new ideas was evident in this patent and the equipment he put together for his own business.

NellieEmilieJensen 1914_c

Adjutant Nellie Emelie2 3 4 5 7 8 9 Jensen2 3 4 5 7 8 9

Birth2 OCT 18802 3 4 5 7
Christen24 JUL 1884
Witnesses: Peter Jensen & Mrs. Peter Jensen (probably Sophi and Peter Johnson)
Appointed as Salvation Army officer
Lieutant, Salvation Army
Present during the big earthquake. Helped with Salvation Army efforts.
Captain, Salvation Army; Residence: 24 Ewer Place
Tag1914-1950 housewife
Other7 SEP 1926
Salvation Army officer, Vivian Page, visited "Mrs Sholen." Vivian was an aunt of George Sholin's future wife, Eva.
on Moss Street7
same place as 1940
55 Lapidge St; with husband; father, Ramus; son, George; daughter, Crissie Ragsdale; & Crissie's husband & sons5
Resideabt 1944
(head of household at) 55 Lapidge St. Also listed were Charles Sholin (by then deceased);George Sholin, James H. World & Violet World
Death29 DEC 1950
(now part of the city of Sacramento)
Grave2 JAN 1951
Palm Mound, Salvation Army section lot 110, grave 157
Aged: 70.2 years
Note: the signature on Nellie's Salvation Army commissioning document is non other than William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army.  It is not known if he actually was in attendance, however. It is likely, too, that it took place in Chicago, as the Western Territory, as such, had not yet been organized.

Nellie Emelia's birth name (on her baptismal certificate (Congregational Church) was Amelia Arnetia Jensen. She was the daughter of Rasmus Jensen and Emma Amelia Jensen. The name, "Amelia," is probably another version of "Emelie," which seem to be the name used by both women on all other occasions. The certificate was witnessed by Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jensen, all in the same hand, probably the pastor's. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jensen were most likely Sophia and Peter Johnson, the pastor having heard or remembered the surname incorrectly.  Sophia was a sister of Nellie's father, Rasmus Jensen.

According to her son, George C. Sholin, Nellie used to ride a horse to school. A story in The Salvation Army's journal, "War Cry," 16 Jan 1937, said this about Nellie: "...Mrs. Sholin, who has been a Salvationist for over forty years, was converted at Eureka, Cal., in 1892. In 1902 she was called to be an officer, and for eleven years, as Adjutant Nellie Jensen, was stationed at several corps in this part of The Salvation Army world, her last appointment being at San Francisco 2 corps..."

Nellie became a Salvation Army officer in 1902, and was appointed to several different places between then and 1914, when she was married. The Salvation Army National Archives and Research Center only had information on these three: Jan 17 1906 San Francisco #4, Captain, Assistant Jan 4 1912 San Francisco #4, Ensign, Corps Officer Oct 21 1913 San Francisco #4, lists her name as Ensign Jensen-Sholin.  However, these early records for Salvation Army officers are sketchy.

Nellie's son, George Sholin, recounted many times that his mother was appointed to the Sacramento Corps and to Hilo, Hawaii. The Hawaiian appointment was early in her career, about 1902, only eight years after Staff-Captain John Milsaps and a small group of Salvationists introduced The Salvation Army to the Hawaiian Islands in 1894. While she was there, she rode her bicycle up to the top of the Pali, the highest peak on the island of Ohau.

Also, Gordon Damant of Sacramento, who has done extensive work on Sacramento Corps records, found that Captain Nellie Jensen was appointed to the Sacramento Corps in 1907 with an assistant. Her son, George, also said that she had been stationed there.

It is almost certain that, for at least one of the times she was stationed in San Francisco, her residence was at the Apollo Hotel, which had a sign outside, "Apollo Hotel, Rooms for Respectable Ladies." There seems to have been at least several female officers living there, though there were male visitors who frequented the place, as well (all very proper, of course), including one whose lady friend entertained her visitor while scrubbing the kitchen floor!

In 1914, she married Charles Sholin. In accordance with Salvation Army custom, she relinquished her officership and rank of adjutant upon her marriage to someone who was not an officer. In this light, it is interesting that their marriage certificate, signed by the Salvation Army officer who performed the wedding, gives the ranks of each along with their names, though the designation of "Sergeant" for Charlie probably reflects his rank when he mustered out of the U.S. Army. Nellie and Charlie continued as soldiers in The Salvation Army until the end of their days. This organization and all it represented defined their lives.

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

George Charles 

18 NOV 191528 SEP 2008  CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco Eva Claire World, Florence Viola "Flora" Faulkner 

Crissie Gertrude 

15 AUG 19172 JUL 1969  CA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco Charles Young Ragsdale 

Organizations & Memberships (2)

Descendant Stats

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Elizabeth Milnechurch member
  1. Other: Photograph of the Tosh family in belongings of Nellie Jensen;
John ToshJohn Toshchurch member
  1. Other: Photograph of the Tosh family in belongings of Nellie Jensen;
General William BoothGeneral William Booth1902Commissioner (ordainer)
  1. Other: Comisssioning document; Nellie Jensen;

Religion (1)

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