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Robert Strathearn + Ysende de Gask
Gille Brigte Ogilvy
William of Buchan Comyn + Margaret of Buchan
Roger de Quincy + Helen (Elena) of Galloway
Sir Maol Iosa Strathearnabt 1194 -- 11/23/1271avatar
Maud Ogilvyabt 1222 -- 1261avatar
Alexander Comynabt 1217 -- bef 6 APR 1290avatar
Elizabeth de Quincyabt 1220 -- 12 APR 1282avatar


Sir Maol Iosa Strathearn, III

Birthabt 1245
Aged: 72.2 years
6th Earl of Strathearn

Maol Â?osa III, Earl of Strathearn
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Maol Â?osa III of Strathearn, who ruled Strathearn 1271 - 1317, is the sixth known Mormaer of Strathearn, but of course this is simply a source problem and in no way means that he was the sixth in reality.

Maol Â?osa helped to keep the Kingdom of Scotland stable after the death of King Alexander II, and in an example of his behaviour, he is recorded a levying the tenants of the land belonging to Inchaffray Abbey to help preserve the peace.

His marriage into the Comyn family put him very much in the House of Balliol camp during the Great Cause, and in fact Maol Â?osa was the auditor of John Balliol at the gathering of Norham. Maol Â?osa promised allegiance to King Edward I of England at Stirling in 1292, but rebelled against him along with John Balliol in 1296, and again later during the revolt of Andrew de Moravia and William Wallace. On both occasions, Edward I forgave him, partly one supposes because initially Maol Â?osa helped Edward, turning over the rebellious leader of Clann MacDuib.

After the Rising of Robert de Brus, Maol Â?osa attempted steer a middle course, but the English king did not trust him, and he was in English custody until 1310. After his release, Maol Â?osa remained loyal to the English King (now Edward II), and assisted the English defence of Perth in 1313. He was captured by his son, Maol Â?osa IV.

His son obviously persuaded King Robert to spare the father's life, but Maol Â?osa nevertheless died in 1317.
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abt 1270  Scotland, Lanarkshire, Drumsargard John FitzRandolph de Moray 
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  1. Website:Rootsweb - Caldwell and related families; Douglas, Hamilton and allied families;
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