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John Walton + Elizabeth Clark
George Walton1762 -- 11 Oct 1834avatar
Mary Parker1764 -- 29 Mar 1841avatar
Eliakim Davis Persons1761 -- 21 NOV 1846avatar
Rebecca Dodge5 APR 1762 -- 24 JAN 1835avatar


Ezekiel Parker Walton

Birth2 OCT 1789
VT Militia / Major General
Flag of Vermont
Death27 NOV 1855
Aged: 66.2 years
Alternate Name: E. P. Walton vol. 2, i Genealogy and Appendixi0 : 331. accessed 13 Oc
3. Ezekiel Parker Walton (George, John) b. 1789; m. 28 April, 1811, at Montpelier, Vt., Prussia, dau. of Eliakim D. Persons, Montpelier, Vt. He d. 27 Nov., 1855. She d. 22 June, 1878. Ezekiel P. Walton was editor of the Vermont Watchman for many years, in its early days; was the ublisher of "Captivity and Sufferings of Zadock Steele" and "The Burning of Royalton by the Indians," printed in 1818, Montpelier, Vt. 232. accessed 14 Oct 2009.

Walton, Ezekiel Parker, journalist, was born in Canterbury, N. H., in 1789, son of George and Mary (Parker) Walton and a descendant of George Walton, who was one of the pioneer settlers of Newcastle, now Portsmouth, N. H. George Walton was a Quaker and at his house is alleged to have occured a remarkable case of witchcraft, which is reported by Cotton Mather in his Magnalia Christi Americana or the Ecclesiastical History of New England (1820). 310
...was a major-general in the Vermont militia...
...General Walton (a title earned by service in the Vermont militia)... Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, USA
Printer and newspaper publisher. Major General of militia. Father of Congressman Eliakim Persons Walton. Moved to Peacham with family. Educated at local schools. Apprecticed to Peacham printer Samuel Goss, publisher of Green Mountain Patriot. Moved to Montpelier with Goss, 1807. Bought the Goss printing business in partnership with Mark Goss when his apprenticeship was complete, 1810. Married Prussia Persons, April 28th, 1811. Eight children -- Eliakim, Harriet, George, Nathaniel, Chauncey, Samuel, Ezekiel, Mary. Bought out Goss, 1816. Business renamed E.P. Walton and Sons. Editor and Publisher, Vermont Watchman newspaper. Active militia officer, rising through ranks to Major General. Active in politics, winning election to the Council of Censors in 1827 and serving as a presidential elector in 1852. Whig nominee for Governor, 1854, but withdrew in favor of Stephen Royce in successful move to attract Whigs to new Republican party. Turned day to day operations of business over to son Eliakim, 1853. Continued to edit Vermont Watchman and write editorials until his death.  
Assumed ownership of Vermont Watchman in partnership with Mark Goss. Part First: 17. accessed 27 Sep 2009.
He [Mr. Goss] continued in charage as editor until October, 1810, when he transferred it to Ezekiel P. Walton and his brother, Mark Goss. Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, USA Part First: 89.
I have heard Mr. [Charles} Reed say that, as they were coming into town, they met Gen. Walton driving a span of fine horses, and that the equipage as the General dashed by awed him by its magnificance as nothing had since. Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, USA Part First: 16. accessed 27 Sep 2009.
Prominent men named in this act of incorporation were Roderick Richardson, J. R. Langdon, E. P. Walton, [et. al] Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, USA

From 1850 Census, an unknown female (name smudged, possibly Prussia), age 57, of New Hampshire, lived in the Walton household. She would have been about 57 giving further indication this was probably her.

Sold The Vermont Watchman and State Journal to Joseph and J. Monroe Poland. Part First: 3. accessed 27 Sep 2009.
Our thanks are also due to the clergy throught the county, and to Hon. E. P. Walton, [et.al.]

Listed in National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, 1918. Not verifiedIn 1789, Canterbury was in Rockingham county. Merrimac, the present location of Canterbury wasn't founded until 1823.Funeral conducted by the Reverend Wm. H. Lord, Nov. 1855
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Eliakim Persons 

17 Feb 181219 Dec 1890  VT, Washington Co, Montpelier Sara Sophia Howes, Clara P. Snell 

Harriet Newel 

14 Jan 181521 JUN 1887  VT, Washington Co, Montpelier Halsey K. Rogers Wing 

George Parker 

21 Sep 181726 Apr 1841  VT, Washington Co, Montpelier  

Nathaniel Porter 

abt 1819  VT, Washington Co, Montpelier Amanda Farmer 


14 MAY 182225 JUN 1866  VT, Washington Co, Montpelier  

Ezekiel Dodge 

abt 1825abt 1850  VT, Washington Co, Montpelier  

Samuel M. 

20 OCT 18253 AUG 1888  VT, Washington Co, Montpelier Mary Bostwick 


abt 1827/1830  VT George Dewey 
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