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Benjamin Harrison, V5 APR 1726 -- 04/24/1791avatar
Elizabeth Bassett12/13/1730 -- 1792avatar
John Cleves Symmes07/21/1742 -- 02/26/1814avatar
Anna Tuthill10/1741 -- 07/1776avatar


President William Henry Harrison

Flag of Indiana
Flag of Louisiana
USA Army / Major General / War of 1812
Flag of United States
Flag of Ohio
Flag of Ohio
USA Ambassador to Colombia
Flag of Colombia
USA Presidential Election
Flag of United States
USA Presidential Election
Flag of United States
Flag of United States
Cause: pneumonia
Aged: 68.1 years

Little is known about his religious convictions. He was born into the Episcopal heritage of his Virginia family; but, if baptized, apparently was never confirmed. Religion is scarcely mentioned in the records of his life. (Fuller and Green, p.73)

When politicians once called at his North Bend farm, near Cincinnati, on business on a Sunday, Harrison refused to talk with them, saying, "I have too much respect, for the religion of my wife to encourage the violation of the Sabbath." It could be the remark of a man with a sense of humor, though there is little other indication that he had one. It may simply reflect a man who kept his religion in his wife's name. (Fuller and Green, pp. 73“74)

In Pittsburgh, when he was President-elect, newspapers... Read More

First Lady Anna Tuthill Symmes

USA First Lady
Flag of United States
Aged: 88.6 years
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Elizabeth Bassett 

29 Sep 179627 Sep 1846  OH, Hamilton Co, Fort Washington John Cleves Short 

John Cleves Symmes 

28 OCT 179830 Oct 1830  OH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati Clarissa Brown Pike 

Lucy Singleton 

31 JUL 18007 APR 1826  VA, Richmond City David K. Este 

William Henry 

3 Sep 18026 Feb 1838  IN, Knox Co, Vincennes Jane Findlay Irwin 

John Scott 

10/04/180405/25/1878  IN, Knox Co, Vincennes Lucretia Knapp, Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin 


5 May 18069 Jun 1840  IN, Knox Co, Vincennes Louisa Smith Bonner, Mary Raney 

Mary Symmes 

22 JAN 180911/16/1842  IN, Knox Co, Vincennes John Henry F. Thornton 

Carter Bassett 

26 Oct 181112 Aug 1839  IN, Knox Co, Vincennes Mary Anne Sutherland 

Anna Tuthill 

28 Oct 18135 Jul 1865  OH, Hamilton Co, North Bend William Henry Harrison Taylor 

James Findley 

15 May 18146 Apr 1819  OH, Hamilton Co, North Bend  

Mary Ann 

17 Dec 18184 Mar 1882  OH  
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  • Berkeley Plantation
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President John Tyler IVPresident John Tyler IVVice Presidentsource
Thomas JeffersonThomas JeffersonAppointed Governor
John Quincy AdamsJohn Quincy AdamsAppointed Amb. to Colombia

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The strongest of all governments is that which is most free. … 1829
  • Other, : William grew up on his fathers plantation - Berkeley Hundred in Charles City County, Virginia. For a short time, he attended Hampden-Sydney college and studied medicine in both Richmond and Philadelphia. After his father's death, then Governor Lee of Virginia, a friend of Benjamin Harrison V, heard of young William Harrison's situation and persuaded him to join the army. Within 24 hours of meeting and discussing his future with Lee, Harrison, at the age of 18, was commissioned as an ensign in the U.S Army, 11th U.S. Regt. of Infantry. He was first sent to Cincinnati, then in the Northwest Territory where the army was engaged in the ongoing Northwest Indian War. William resigned from the Army in 1798. He soon was appointed as Secretary of the Indian Territory. At one point during his stay in Cincinnati, William worked as a clerk in the Cincinnati Court of Common Pleas. During his career, Harrison served as Territorial Delegate from the Northwest Territory, U.S. Representative from Ohio, U.S. Senator from Ohio, Ambassador to Columbia and President of the United States.

    In 1800, William became Governor of the Indian Territory a position which he kept for the next twelve years. In that position, he was ex-officio superintendant of Indian affairs for the area and gained the trust of the Indians. He was often upset by the disregard of Indian Rights by the government in Washington. During this period he did however negotiate treaties that gained millions of acres for the government. Exceeding all caution, he extinquished Indian title to more than a 100 million acres. In 1811, William was sent to protect western settlers against the Shawnee 'prophet' Tenskwatawa and his brother Tecumseh who had treacherously attacked the settlers. In November of 1811, Harrison however failed to crush their militancy. William also reported that the Canadians were using Tecumseh and his brother the 'prophet' to stir up the several tribes. William led a force against a Shawnee settlement near Tippecanoe Creek which brought him to the attention of Henry Clay, who was then in his first term in Congress.
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    Source is not correct, is not specific enough, or does not contain relevant information.
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