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George Glascock + Hannah Rector
John Glasscock1774 -- 6 NOV 1843avatar
Susannah Glasscock25 APR 1778 -- 11 JAN 1831avatar

Old Tintype of Jesse Glascock

Jesse Glascock

Birth3 MAR 1807
Death4 JUL 1864
Aged: 57.3 years

Notes on Jesse Glasscock, brother of Keren H. Glasscock from the Faubion links: Jesse Glascock was one of the four sons of John Glascock and Susannah Glascock of Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee. The four sons were: George Glascock,  who was the oldest,  Alfred Glascock,  Jesse Glascock, and William Glascock.  George Glascock married Fanny Bryan August 23, 1825. He had three known sons:  Granville Glascock, James Thomas Glascock, and Lawrence Glascock. Alfred had two sons: Roger C. Glascock, and Orlando S. Glascock. Jesse Glascock married Eliza Jane Faubian in Cocke County, Tennessee in 1842. William Glascock was a midget and had no children. Jesse Glascock was appointed guardian of William Glascock, Mary S. Hale, and Elbert S. Hale, minors July 5, 1857. Andrew J. Kinser, security. The 1830 Census of Tennessee shows Jesse Glascock with four sisters in his family: Elizabeth E. Glascock married William A. Henderson January 26, 1843, Keren H. Glascock married Jesse W. Haile June 20, 1836, Nancy Elizabeth Glascock married Levi Bible March 9, 1848, and Susan L. Glascock married Thomas Owens April 24, 1861. Other recorded marriages are: Nancy Glascock to Marvin Arnon October 17, 1837, Mary Polly Glascock to Joshua Haile January 29, 1817, and Ellen Glascock to Daniel C. Bryan July 4, 1853. In 1858, Jesse Glascock and his family started the journey that was to take them to Knox County, Kentucky. Leaving Tennessee with Jesse were his two brothers, William and Alfred, and his wife Eliza Jane Faubian Glascock. Perhaps they hoped to move to Illinois where other Faubian families had settled. They had two wagons: one pulled by a horse and donkey, the other
pulled by a yoke of oxen. With these two wagons, they made the long hard journey through Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. Shortly outside of Barbourville, the wagon containing such things as sugar, flour, and coffee turned over on Laurel Hill. It was impossible to pick up all the coffee beans. Some of them sprouted and grew into coffee trees. My grandfather can still remember seeing coffee trees on Laurel Hill. Considering the wagon spilling over as an omen, the Glascocks decided to settle there. Jesse went to town and bought the property. The Glascocks built a large two-story white house facing the Cumberland River where now the black-top road bends. The house was near an old cemetery which later became the Glascock Cemetery. The Glascock property and cemetery are located on what is now Highway 11. The house had large white
steps leading up to it and two huge Roman pillars on the front porch. Shortly after settling there, Alfred decided to leave and build a house of his own. The Glascocks owned Negro slaves, and a certain portion of the Glascock cemetery has only Negro slaves buried in it. This section is spacious and is the most beautiful section of the cemetery. The slaves have headstones on
their graves. They did quite well. They owned 500 acres. They had a fine house and Negro slaves. It was a prosperous plantation. Jesse died July 4, 1864 during the Civil War. His wife Eliza Jane outlived him by thirty-one

---8th Generation---

Keren H Glasscock was born 1794-1819 at Greeneville, Tennessee, Greene County.  She died 1848 at Greeneville,Tennessee, Greene County.   Her married name was Haile/Hail/Hale.

She marriedJesse W. Haile (19) on 20 Jun 1836.

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Thomas Jefferson 

20 MAR 184918 SEP 1893  TN, Greene Co, Greeneville Alice Tye 
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