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William White

Birth10 NOV 1591
HistoryNov 1620
The Mayflower
Recruited Passenger
Passenger Lists
Mayflower Compact
American History
Death14 MAR 1621
Aged: 29.3 years
One of the first of the family of White to emigrate to America was William White who, with his wife Susanna Fuller and his son Resolved, was among the Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower. Peregrine White, son of William, was born on board the Mayflower while the ship was in the port of Plymouth in 1620. Resolved White, son of William, made his home at Scituate in 1638 and had issue by his first wife Judith Vassall and his second wife Abigail Lord of the following children; William, John, Samuel, Resolved, Anna, Elizabeth, Susannah, and Josiah. Peregrine White, son of William, removed to Green Harbor shortly after 1632 and married, about 1647, Sarah Basset. Their children were Daniel, Sarah, Mercy, Jonathan, Peregrine Jr., and Silvanus.
John White, Patriarch of Dorchester, England, was the descendant of an illustrious Hampshire family and was Rector of Dorchester in 1605 and of Lambeth in 1643. He was one of the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and was highly instrumental in the sending of many of the Pilgrims to Plymouth, furnishing them with money and necessities. He gave the greater part of his life to the welfare of the Colony but did not himself, make any permanent residence there. Another member of the family, Thomas White, came to America sometime before 1630 and settled at Lynn, Mass., where he had John, Joseph, Samuel, Thomas, Hannah, and Ebenezer. The eldest of these children, John , had by his wife Anne seven children, John, James, Richard, Sarah, Hannah, Martha, and Abigail.

Elder John White, one of the first settlers of Cambridge, Mass., and of Hartford, Conn., came from London, England, in the year 1632. He was a prominent public official, first in the town of Boston and then in the two towns mentioned above. His children by his wife Mary were Mary, Nathaniel, John, Daniel, Sarah, and Jacob. Nathaniel, eldest son of the Elder John, married, first, Elizabeth (last name unknown), who was the mother of his children "?Nathaniel, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Daniel, Sarah, Jacob, and Joseph" ?and. Second, Martha Aould, widow of Hugh Mould of New Haven. John, second son of the Elder John, married Sarah Bunce and had issue by her of Sarah and John. Daniel, third son of the Elder John, settled at Hatfield, Mass., about the year 1662. He had issue by his wife Sarah Crow of Sarah, Mary, Daniel, Elizabeth, John, Esther, Hannah, and Mehitable. Jacob, youngest son of the Elder John, married Elizabeth Bunce, sister of his brother's wife, prior to 1663. There is not record of children by this marriage.

Still another John White made his home at Watertown before 1639, when he is recorded as the owner of a "Homestall and seven acres of land". His wife is believed to have been Frances Scarboro and their children to have been Joseph, Mary, John, and Benjamin. In 1643 one Nicholas White married Susanna Humphrey at Dorchester, Mass. The exact date of his arrival is not known. His children were Elizabeth, Nicholas, John, and Joseph. Of these, Nicholas married Ursula Macomber in 1673 and was the father by her of Nicholas, Matthew, Ephraim, Dorcas, Benjamin, John, and Thomas; John married Hannah Smith in 1679 and had issue by her of John, Hannah, Josiah, and Elizabeth; and Elizabeth; and Joseph had by his wife Mary ten children, Lydia, Joseph, Edward, Mary, Susanna, William, Nathaniel, Ebenezer, Ephraim, and Elizabeth.

Still another branch of the White family to emigrate to America is that which was represented by Thomas White in the year 1670 in Monmouth County, N.J., who came to America from Deal, Kent County, England. He had two sons, Samuel and Peter, and possibly a third named William. Samuel, son of Thomas, had three sons, Thomas, Samuel, and Amos. Peter, son of Thomas, had three sons, Peter, Robert, and Thomas, and seven daughters, two of whom died in infancy. The surviving five daughters were Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Jane.

The descendants of these various families have since spread to all parts of the United States and have materially aided in the growth of the country which their ancestors helped to found. The Whites were a hardy race"â??courageous, strong-willed, definite of purpose, and deeply religious.

There were more than sixty officers of the name of White in the War of the Revolution, among which were Anthony Walton White of New Jersey, Brigadier-General; Haffield White of New York, Captain; Henry White of South Carolina, Colonel; Richard White of Virginia, Captain; Thomas White of Pennsylvania, Captain; William White of Virginia, Captain; and Hugh White of Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel.

Thomas, John, Jacob, Joseph, William, and Robert were some of the Christian names favored by the family for its male members.

Susannah Ann Fuller

HistoryNov 1620
The Mayflower
Recruited Passenger
Passenger Lists
Aged: 86 years
Susanna White Winslow in the records of the 17th century

Susanna White in Leiden, Holland

"Foller, En (Anne or Susanna Fuller) of England, acc[ompanied]. by Rosem Jepson (Rosamond Jepson nee Horsfield) and Sara Pryst (Sarah Priest nee Allerton) betr[othed]. 27 Jan. 1612, mar[ried]. 11 Febr. 1612 to Willem With (William White) of England, Wool-comber, acc[ompanied]. by Willem Jepson (William Jepson) and Samuell Fulle (Samuel Fuller) his acq[uaintance].
[Compare with William White's entry :]
"With, Willem of England, Wool-comber, acc. by Willem Jopsen and Samuel Folle his acq. betr. 27 Jan. 1612, mar. 26 Febr. 1612 to En Foller of England, acc. by Rosemen Jepson and Sara Pryst her acq."
Johanna W. Tammel, The Pilgrims and other people
from the British Isles in Leiden (Isle of Man :
Mansk-Svenska Publishing Co., Ltd., 1989), p. 95 and 291.
Most authorities, however, believe that this "En Foller" was NOT Susanna White Winslow at all. The confusion arises from the presence of more than one William White in Leiden. At least one William White was still living in Leiden after Pilgrim William White had died in Plymouth in early 1621.

Another clue to Susanna's identity may be found in a letter written by Edward Winslow to his uncle (NEHGR 1955:242-3) :
"almost two years since I wrote to my father-in-law declaring the death of his son White & the continued health of his daughter and her two children; also how that by God's providence she was become my wife"¦ My wife hath had one child by me, but it pleased him that gave it to take it again unto himself; I left her with child at my departure (whom God preserve) but hope to be with her before her delivery."
Susanna White : Mayflower passenger

"The names of those which came over first, in the year 1620, and were by the blessing of God the first beginners and in a sort the foundation of all the Plantations and Colonies in New England ; and their families ...
"Mr. William White and Susanna his wife and one son called Resolved, and one born a-shipboard called Peregrine ..."
William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, ed.
Samuel Eliot Morison (New York : Knopf, 1991), p. 442.

" ...it pleased God that Mistriss White was brought a bed of a son, which was called Peregrine."
Mourt'sRelation, ed. Jordan D. Fiore (Plymouth, Mass. :
Plymouth Rock Foundation, 1985), p. 26-27.
Susanna White : Widow, bride & mother

"Feb. 21 [1621]. Die Mr. William White, Mr. William Mullins, with two more ...
"March 24 [1621]. Dies Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. Edward Winslow ...
"May 12 [1621]. The first marriage in this place, is of Mr. Edward Winslow to Mrs. Susanna White, widow of Mr. William White."
Thomas Prince's New England Chronology as reprinted in :
Nathaniel Morton, New England's Memorial (Boston :
Congregational Board of Publication, 1855), p. 289, 291, 292.
[Note: May 12 is "Old Style" dating. Using today's calendar, the marriage took place on May 22.]

"May 12 was the first marriage in this place which, according to the laudable custom of the Low Countries, in which they had lived, was thought most requisite to be performed by the magistrate, as being a civil thing, upon which many questions about inheritances do depend, with other things most proper to their cognizance and most consonant to the Scriptures (Ruth iv) and nowhere found in the Gospel to be laid on the ministers as a part of their office."
William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, ed.
Samuel Eliot Morison (New York : Knopf, 1991), p. 86.

"And seeing it hath pleased Him to give me [William Bradford] to see thirty years completed since these beginnings, and that the great works of His providence are to be observed, I have thought it not unworthy my pains to take a view of the decreasings and increasings of these persons and such changes as hath passed over them and theirs in this thirty years ...
"Mr. Edward Winslow his wife died the first winter, and he married with the widow of Mr. White and hath two children living by her, marriageable, besides sundrey that are dead ...
"Mr. White and his two servants died soon after their landing. His wife married with Mr. Winslow, as is before noted. His two sons are married and Resolved hath five children, Peregrine two, all living. So their increase is seven."
William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647, ed.
Samuel Eliot Morison (New York : Knopf, 1991), p. 442.
Susanna White Winslow & the 1627 Division of Cattle

Plymouth Colony Records, Deeds, &c, Vol. 1 1627-1651 is the oldest record book of the Plymouth settlement. It tells of the 1627 Division of Cattle :
"At a publique court held the 22th of May it was concluded by the whole Companie, that the cattell wch were the Companies, to wit, the Cowes & the Goates should be equally devided to all the psonts of the same company ... & so the lotts fell as followeth, thirteene psonts being pportioned to one lot ...
"The third lot fell to Capt Standish & his companie Joyned to him (2) his wife Barbara Standish (3) Charles Standish (4) Allexander Standish (5) John Standish (6) Edward Winslow (7) Susanna Winslow (8) Edward Winslow (9) John Winslow (10) Resolued White (11) Perigrine White (12) Abraham Peirce (13) Thomas Clarke
"To this lot fell the Red Cow wch belongeth to the poore of the Colonye to wch they must keepe her Calife of this yeare being a Bull for the Companie. Also to this lott Came too she goats."
Susanna White Winslow

Susanna's name appears in the will of John Jenney, dated 1644 : "whereas Abigaile my eldest Daughter had somewhat given her by her grandmother and Henry Wood of Plymouth aforesaid is a suter to her in way of marriage my will is that if shee the said Abigaile will Dwell one full yeare w'th mr Charles Chauncey of Scittuate before her marriage ... And in case mr Chauncey be against it then I would have her dwell w'th m'ris Winslowe of Careswell the said terme of one yeare ffurther"
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 1, p. 169-170.

The last mention of Susanna White Winslow is in her husband Edward Winslow's will (Somerset House, London) :
"I Edward Winslowe of London. Esquior. being now bound in a voyage to sea in the service of the comon welth do make publish & declare this to be my last will and testam't touching the disposing of my estate. ffirst I doe give will devise & bequeath all my lands & stock. in New England & all my possibilities & porcons in future allotm'ts & divicons to Josia my. onely sonne & his heires, hee allowing to my wife. a full third parte thereof for her life Also ...
"witness my hand & Seale the Eighteenth day of December In the yeare of our Lord God one Thousand Six hundred fifty & ffower."
The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 4, p. 1-2.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


16151687  England Judith Vassall 


NOV 162022 JUL 1704  MA, Plymouth Co Sarah Bassett 
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