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Captain ______ House

Birth1775( place questionable )
No records found. Was a British solder serving in Canada.
Notes from message board on Rootsweb under Van Normaan dated 11 OCT 2010:

Mississippi Descendants of Hiram Van Norman.
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Posted: 11 Oct 2010 12:24AM
Classification: Query
Surnames: Van Norman
I am Ben Van Norman. I am a direct descendant of Hiram Van Norman

I am convinced that Hiram's father was not Aaron Van Norman, but someone else. I have done a lot of research to prove my claim. Hiram's mother was Lucretia Bailey Woodward. She Married Aaron Van Norman in 1800 when she was already pregnant with Hiram.

I have started a DNA project on Ancestry.com. I have compared my DNA results with the Van Norman Family Association DNA results and found little likelihood that I am descended from Joseph Van Norman or Aaron Van Norman.

I hired a Canadian Certified Genealogist on Ancestry.com to research the long held rumor that Lucretia Bailey Woodward married a British Officer who was subsequently killed, leaving her pregnant with Hiram. The rumor has Aaron marrying her and raising Hiram as his own child and only revealing his true paternity just before his death. The results of this research are attached. Suffice to say that the rumor/belief is unlikely to be true. I am convinced that we must determine Hiram's father using DNA results.

I hope that some of you will join me in this research.

Ben Van Norman

Lucretia Bailey House1 Woodward1

Aged: 69 years
From the source liste, Van Norman Family page 23:
While there is no confirming evidene, Lucretia's last name has been reported as Woodward, House and Bailey.  It is believed that Lucretia was first married to a British soldier by the name of Capt. Bailey or House, at the "little red brick church at Queenstown" Canada, wa swidowed, then married Aaron. Lucretia, it is reported, was reared in Canada.
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Hiram Lafayette 

12/4/18002/20/1875  Canada Elizabeth Saunders Walden 
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  1. Website: Rootsweb Message Board - Van Norman;
  1. Book: The Van Norman Family; Some Descendants of Joseph Van Norman and Elizabeth Rayburn/Wyburn; Compiled by Betty McCurley and Lois Hayes Culver;
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