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James 'The Just' de Berkeleyabt 1394 -- 11/1463avatar
Isabel de Mowbrayabt 1386 -- 27 SEP 1452avatar
Thomas Strangewaysabt 1395 -- bef 27 JAN 1442avatar
Catherine de Nevilleabt 1401 -- aft 1/1478avatar


William de Berkeley

Death14 FEB 1492
Aged: 66.1 years
William de Berkeley, 1st and last Marquess of Berkeley was born in 1426 at Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England.1 He was the son of James de Berkeley, 1st Lord Berkeley and Lady Isabel Mowbray.1 He married, firstly, Elizabeth West, daughter of Sir Reynold West, 6th Lord la Warre and Margaret Thorley, in 1466.2 He and Elizabeth West were divorced on 20 November 1467 although Elizabeth appealed the divorce to Pope Paul II.2 He married, secondly, Joan Strangways, daughter of Sir Thomas Strangways and Lady Katherine Neville, in November 1468.2 He married, thirdly, Anne Fiennes, daughter of Sir John Fiennes and Alice FitzHugh, circa 1486.3 He died on 14 February 1491/92 at Westminster, London, England, without surviving issue.3 He was buried at St. Augustine's Friars, London, England.3 William de Berkeley, 1st and last Marquess of Berkeley also went by the nick-name of William 'the Wass all'.1 He was invested as a Knight circa 1438.1 He succeeded to the title of 2nd Lord Berkeley [E., 1421] in November 1463, by writ.1 On 20 March 1469/70 he was challenged by Thomas Talbot, Viscount Lisle to settle the claims to his great-uncle Thomas's estates, by combat. Thomas was killed in the combat.1 He was invested as a Knight Bachelor on 18 April 1475.1 He was styled as Viscount of Catherlough co. Carlow [Ireland] between 1481 and 10 February 1485.4 He was created 1st Viscount Berkeley [England] on 21 April 1481.1 He was invested as a Privy Counsellor (P.C.) on 5 March 1482/83.1 He was created 1st Earl of Nottingham [England] on 28 June 1483.1 He held the office of Great Marshal of England on 19 February 1485/86.1 He held the office of Earl Marshal on 19 February 1485/86.1 He was created 1st Marquess of Berkeley [England] on 28 January 1488/89.1 His last will was dated 5 February 1491/92.3 On his death, the three peerages granted to him became extinct, although the Barony of Berkeley survived.3 Children of William de Berkeley, 1st and last Marquess of Berkeley and Joan Strangways

* Katherine Berkeley 4 * Sir Thomas Berkeley b. Mar 1469/70, d. c 14754

Joan Strangeways

Birthabt 1441
Death24 FEB 1485
Aged: 44.1 years
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  • Berkeley Castle
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