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William Samuel Melton

Birth23 Nov 1729
Death11 Feb 1772
Aged: 42.2 years
the following extracted from Ancestry.com, Ancestry World Tree Western Kentucky Connections ancestry.com Entries: 43671 Updated: 2006-04-15 01:47:21 UTC (Sat) Contact: Richard Henderson After he died his wife Lettice and all the family except Daniel moved to Rutherford Co., NC.[melton.ged] Provided by: <> Wm Melton and Lettice lived in Albmerle Co Va and had 8 children. After Wm died Lettice and all the children except one family went to Rutherford Co NC. After Lettice died, some of the children and families moved on to places like Harrison Co,In., McMinn Co Tn and Web/Hen Co Ky. According to research of: Pearlene Johnson,bible records of Samuel Jackson Melton and Mrs. Mary Lou Combs of Poole; and research of P Johnson of records from county court house, marriages, census and miscellaneous articles and info prepared by Nola Stoddard, Mrs Martin, Mr Rollin and NC relatives: Mrs Combs said Daniel and his wife Eliz Norvel died in Webster Co. P. Johnson has not found this as a fact.
---- The Melton Family by Woodruff will book 2:278
---- From the Wagon wheel 1986-1989 States Samuel Melton born in 1742 in Rutherford Co NC
----- Notes from Coming to America The Melton/Milton's Compiled by Michael Leisure I have seen William's birth location as Albemarle County, this is incorrect as Albemarle was not formed untill 1744. ALBEMARLE - WAS FORMED IN 1744 from Goochland and Louisa, and certain islands in the "Fluvanna River" (later known as the James River). pg. 279 of William Melton's Will: " during her life or widowhood all my estate real and peronal except One hundred Acres of Land Issuing to my brother Silas Melton Which land I bequeath to him the said Silas Melton & his heirs forever. Note this hundred Acres of Land is to be in a square form and after his decease or marriage What is left of my Estate real or personal I require that it may be Equally divided among all my Children who shall them Survive Note if any of my Children having married of had issue & deceased before Said division of my Estate, their issue shall Enjoy what would have Fallen to them Present if he or she were alive. I appoint as Executrs my brother Silas Melton, and my wife and my Eldest Son Reuben Melton. ___ this Instrument is Interlined in the Sixth line with the word goods. In Witness whereof I let my hand and affix my Seal this Eleventh day of February In the year of Our Lord One Thousand and Seven hundred & Seventy two. Witnesses Samuel Leake (signed) william Melton (L.S.) Mark Leake Thomas Melton At Albemarle June Court 1772 This Will was proved by the Oath of Mark Leake & Thomas Melton Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded and On the motion of Silas Melton an Executor theren Named _____ is granted him for ........
Deed Albemarle Co., Deed Book 11, p. 196. showing that Daniel Melton, heir of William Melton lived in Rutherford Co., NC. Deed: Albemarle Co., Deed Book 9, 108, showing that Lettice Melton is the wife of William Melton. Will of William Melton, Albemarle Co., VA Will Book 2, 278.
Cavaliers And Pioneers; Patent Book No. 33 William Melton, 160 acs. Albemarle Co. on the S Brs. of the South Fork of Hardware Riv. adj. William Lee & Thomas Fitzpatrick; 20 Sep 1759, p.649. L1
LAND GRANT DEED; Melton, William 20 Sept. 1759 Albemarle County 160a. On the south branches of the South fork of Hardware River. Patents No. 33, 1756-61, p. 649 William Melton 160 Acres George the second & To all & Know ye that for divers good causes and considerations but more epecially for and in Consideration of the Sum of Twenty Shillings of good and Lawful Money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our Colony of Dominion of Virginia We have Given, Granted and Confirmed and by the presents for us our Heirs and Successors Do Give Grant and Confirm onto William Melton One Certain Tract of parcel of Land Containing one hundred and sixty ties lying and being in the County of Albemarle on the South Branches of the South fork of Hardware River and Bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at a Hickory Saplin and running South seventy two Degrees East thirty four poles to a Rock. North fifty Degrees East seventy two poles to pointers North fifty eight Degrees East forty eight poles to pointers North forty two Degrees East One hundred and thirteen poles crossing a Branch to pointers, North eighty one Degrees West thirty eight poles to pointers, North seven Degrees East One hundred and fourteen poles to pointers North sixty five Degrees West Twenty eight poles in William Sees line and with the same South forty two Degrees West sixteen poles to a Hickory North forty seven Degrees West nineteen poles to pointers in Thomas Fitzpatrick's line and with his line South forty four Degrees West One hundred and two poles to pointers, thence new lines South One hundred and eighty poles to pointers and South thirty Degrees West One hundred and twelve poles to the first Stations. With all & To have hold & To be held & yielding and Paying & Provided & In Witness & Witness our Trusty and Wellbeloved Francis Fauquier Esquire our Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of our said Colony and Dominion at Williamsburg Under the Seal of our said Colony the Twentieth Day of September One thousand seven hundred and fifty nine. In the thirty third year of our Reign. (SEAL) (signed) Fran Fauquier
Melton, William 7 Augt. 1761 Albemarle County 144a. On the branches of the south fork of Hardware River. Patents No. 34, 1756-62, p. 906 (906) William Melton 144 Acres George the third, To all & Know ye that for Divers good Causes and Considerations but more Especially for in Consideration of the Sum of Fifteen Shillings of good and lawful Money, for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia. We have Given, Granted, and Confirmed, and in the presence for us our Heirs and Successors. Do Give, Grant, and Confirm, Unto William Melton One Certain Tract or Parcel of Land Containing One hundred and forty-four Acres. Lying in being in the County of Albemarle on the Branches of the South fork of Hardware River and Bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at Thomas Fitzpatrick's Corner Black Gum then on his Line North fifty Degrees, West, forty six poles to a red Oak, then new lines South thirty five Degrees, West, Fifty two Poles to Pointers on James Ireland's Line then on his line South fifty Degrees , East Eighty Poles to a Chestnut Oak, then South sixty seven Degrees, East seventy nine Poles, to Red Oak, then North, seventy nine Degrees, East, fifty two Poles to Pointers, then North thirty eight Degrees, East twenty three Poles to a Chestnut Tree on his own line, then on it, North sixty six Degrees, West thirteen Poles to a Hickory then North twenty seven Degrees, West ninety three Poles to a Chestnut Tree, then a new line, North forty Degrees, West eighty eight Poles to Pointers on the said Fitzpatricks line, then on his line, South, fifty one Degrees, West one hundred and thirty-three Poles to the first station. With all. & To have, hold, & To be held, & yielding and Paying, & Provided, & In Witness, & Witnesses our Trusty and Well beloved Francis Fauquier., Esquire, our Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of our said Colony and Dominion at Williamsburg. Under the Seal of our said Colony the Seventh Day of August One Thousand seven hundred and sixty one. In the first Year of our Reign. SEAL (signed) Fran Fauquier \
9 September 1767 Witnefseth that William Melton in consideration of the love I bear my couson. William Melton, Son to my Brother, Thomas Melton. ( from Albemarle County Deed Book., 1764-1768; pp. 433-434)
MELTON William Melton b. VA. ca 1730 d. 1772 in Albemar1e Co., Va. Md. Lettice Wbite ca l753. Lettice White b. 27 Jan 1736 - d. after l785. William left a considerable estate that wasn't settled for several years, His wife and oldest son were named executors. In the settlement of the estate the followig children were named: 1. Reuben Melton (nicknamed Buck) md Sarah Jones 2. Jobn Melton Jr. md Lydda ? (or Lydia) 3. Sarah Melton md John Melton (a cousin) 4. Mildred Melton md James Eubanks, (the only child to remain in Albemarle Co., Va.) 5. Jesse Melton md Sarah (?) - went to Kentucky - Indiana -and died there. 6. Eli Melton md Sarah Barnette - went to N. C. with his brothers, then to eastern Kentucky and later to Harrison Co.. In. and died there. 7. Daniel Melton b 1767 - d Ca l8~8. Md Elizabeth Norvell 8. Mary Melton md William Jones All children were born in Albemarle Co., Va. All except Mildred went to Rutherford Co., N. C. Sarah Jones (l) and William. Jones (8) were no doubt brother and sister. November 5, 1793; Albemarle Co., VA. Deeds Bk 10, p. 296. Eli Melton, Daniel Melton, William Jones & Mary his wife, of Rutherford Co., NC, sell portion of estate of William Melton, deceased. Lettice is mentioned in this deed. Feb. 1794; Court Albemarle County, Eli, Daniel Melton and William and Mary Jones deed to William Melton, acknowledged in Rutherford Co., NC and recorded in Albemarle. A.W. Burns, compiler. Records of Will Abstracts -- vol 6, p.9 has William Milton in Abemarle Co. VA bequeathing estate to wife, son Reuben and "bro" Salias Milton -- witnessed by Thomas Milton and Samuel Leake, dated 2-11-1772; probated 6-?-1772.
Virginia Land Grants, Albemarle County: 1765-William Melton, 100 acres to John Sutherland. Book 4 Page 159. 1765 - William Melton, 100 acres to William Appleberry. Book 4 Page 157. 1766 - William Melton, 600 acres from John Smith, Jr. Book 4 Page 271. 1767 - William Melton, 144 acres to Wm. Melton, Jr. as gift. Book 4 Page 433* 1768- William Melton, 100 acres from Samuel Binge. Book 4 Page 518. 1785 - William Melton, 322 acres to John Wharton. Book 9 Page 108. 1785 - William Melton, heirs to John Coles 377 acres. Book 9 Page 111. 1785 - William Melton, heirs to Samuel Hensley 160 acres. Book 9 Page 134. 1792- William Melton, from Wm. Melton's heirs 160 acres. Book 9 Page 134. 1792- William Melton, to Samuel Dyer, 100 acres by mort[g]age. Book 10 Page 433** 1794-William Melton's heirs to Samuel Hensley, 160 acres. Book 11 Page 1%. 1796 - William Melton to Musk Leak(Mark Leak), 23 acres. Book 12 Page 109. 1799- William Melton to John Melton, 50 acres. Book 13 Page 118. 1799- William Melton, Sr. to Wm. Shumaker, 100 acres. Book 13 Page 96. * In the Deed Book #4 at Albemarle, VA This reads - William Melton to William Melton, son of brother Thomas. Dated 9 Sep 1767. ** In Deed Book 10 and on Page 423 at Albemarle, VA. This reads - William Melton, Samuel Dyer on 9 May 1792 for 150 lbs., 100 acres on Green Creek. Purchased from the estate of William Melton Dec'd. Also by the lands of John Melton, son of John.(brother to William)
ALBEMARLE LAND RECORDS / ABSTRACTS Commonwealth Grant Book M p134-135, 15 May 1784, 8th year of the Commonwealth, to Mark Leek [assignee of Richard Woods] by Virtue and in Consideration of part of a Land Office Treasury Warrant #8,104 and Issued the 19th day of January 1782 and Assigned by Richard Woods to Mark Leek re 28a by Survey bearing date the 28th day of January 1783, Lying and being in the County of Albemarle on some of the South waters of the South fork of Hardware River and is bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at pointers corner of William Melton Deceased then on his lines ln S3E; 108P; pointers ln S27W; 13P; a Chesnut tree ln N42W; 89P; pointers siad Meltons corner of Betty Leeks line then on her line ln N49E; 37P; pt E) a Chesnut tree corner between said Betty Leek and Samuel Hamner thence on said Hamners line ln N41E; 48P; to the Beginning re 449a by Survey bearing date the 26th day of February 1783 400a part thereof being by Virtue of an Entry made preceeding the Opening of the Land Office and 49a the residue thereof was by Virtue of the Warrant aforesaid lying and being in the County of Albemarle on the Waters of Green Creek and Hardware River and bounded as followeth to Wit: Beginning at a pine on his own line corner of John Wilkinsons running thence with the same ln S53W; 286P; crossing Several branches a Spanish oak thence new lines ln S15E; 50P; a Gum ln S38W; 60P; a pine ln S8W; 103P; crossing a branch of Green Creek Several imes pointers in John Wilkinsons line thence with the same ln S33W; 169P; crossing the sd Branch a white oak ln S63E; 183P; crossing the said branch of Green Creek pointers in William Hensley's line thence with the same ln S40W; 120P; crossing a branch a Chesnut oak Saplin ln N70W; 41P; pointers ln S10W; 22P; crossing Green Creek a dogwood thence new lines ln N45W; 47P; pointers ln S31W; 105P; a black oak on the top of a Mountain ln N35.5W; 114P; a Chesnut Tree ln N15E; 68P; a Chesnut oak ln N35E; 30P; a poplar on the said Creek ln N23E; 174P; pointers corner to John Ubanks same course continued with his line 80P ln ;; pointers ln N37.5E; 148P; crossing a branch a Chesnut Tree ln N44W; 57P; pointers on Several Bushes at the edge of an oldfield William Meltons corner thence with his lines ln N76E; 45P; pointers ln N35E; 23P; a small Chesnut in an old field corner to Jesse Melton thence with his lines ln S69E; 21P; a Rock ln N47E; 72P; pointers in an old field ln N55E; 48P; pointers ln N39E; 113P; pointers in his own line thence with the same ln S81E; 21P; a chesnut oak ln S3W; 92P; pointers in S61E; 41P; crossing two branches to the Beginning. (In the above land records, Mark Leek(Leak)(Mark & Betty Leak is found living next door to Jesse Melton in the 1785 Census of Albemarle) was a witness to William's Will and proved it in court. Richard Woods was Rev. Woods. The Jesse Melton mentioned was William's son.) Father: William Melton b: 11 DEC 1698 in New Kent Co., VA Mother: Elizabeth O Farrar b: 1698 in Hanover Co., VA Marriage 1 Lettice White b: 9 APR 1732 in Albemarle Co, Va Married: 1748 in Albemarle Co., VA 2 Married: in Albemarle, VA 3 Children Elizabeth Melton Sarah Melton b: 1749 in Charlotteville, Albemarle Co., VA Richard Melton b: 1750 in Albemarle Co., VA Rueben Melton b: 1751 in Albermarle Co., VA John Melton b: 21 JUN 1753 in Albemarle Co., VA Jesse E Melton b: 1758 in Albermba Co., Va John Melton b: 1759 in Albemarle Co., VA Mildred Melton b: 1761 in Charlotteville, Albemarle Co, Va Elisha S Melton b: 1763 in Charlotteville, Albemarle Co, Va Daniel Farrar Melton b: 27 OCT 1767 in Albemarle Co, VA Mary Marge Melton b: 1769 in Albemarle Co., VA
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1763abt 1 Aug 1839  VA, Charlottesville Sarah Barnett 
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